If you have any questions after using TableMaker, please look here to see if your question is answered. If you still can't find an adequate answer, take a look at the Resources page for links to lots of other helpful pages. Between work and graduate school, I am extremely busy and do not have time to answer every email I receive. Please try to find the answer on your own before contacting me. If you do need to contact me, send email to tablemaker "at"

* Can you take a look at my web page and tell me what's wrong?
No, I am too busy. Take a look at the Resources page for additional help.

* Is there a way to make tables with colored backgrounds?
Yes, but not with TableMaker. You will have to add the codes yourself. Keep in mind that not all browsers will show the colors. Use the BGCOLOR attribute in conjunction with the TABLE, TR, TD, or TH tags. For example, check out the following code and the corresponding table:
<TR BGCOLOR="#FF0000">
<TD>this is a red background</TD>
<TD BGCOLOR="#00FF00">this is a green background</TD>

this is a red background
this is a green background

Take a look at my ColorMaker Resources page for help with color codes.

* Is there a version of TableMaker that I can use without an Internet connection?
Yes! I created drag and drop application for the Mac and someone else created a version for the PC. Take a look at the Application page for more info.

* Can I mirror the TableMaker program on my server?
I used to have multiple mirrors of TableMaker, but it became too much of a hassle maintaining all of them. I prefer to keep it on one server only.

* Can I make a link to TableMaker?
Of course! Please use the URL of the main site at:

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Updated on Feb 28, 1999