Tools for Designing Color Documents

* Controlling Background and Foreground Elements by Netscape
* Thalia's Guide: The Color Page by Mark Koenen
* No Dither Netscape Colors by Victor Engel
* Through the 6x6x6 Color Cube: An Interactive Voyage by William I. Johnston
* The 216 Color Cube Background Maker
* Custom Color Resources by Stuart Moulthrop and Nancy Kaplan
* Background Colors by InfiNet
* The Color Specifier by HYPE Electrazine
* RGB Color Charts by Doug Jacobson

Archives of Background Patterns

* Pattern Land by Ryan Scott of NetCreations, Inc
* Texture Land
* Julianne's Background Textures
* The Background Sampler by Netscape
* The KPT Backgrounds Archive
* Backgrounds for Netscape 1.1 by HYPE
* jezebel by Heather Champ

Comprehensive Web Authoring Resources

* Ask Dr. Web by Jeffrey Zeldman
* The Web Designer by N. Laviolette
* Web Links by Steven E. Callihan

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