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A more sophisticated tool is Sam Choukri's TableMaker -- MacUser -- August 1996

TableMaker is perhaps the most sophisticated and was by far the fastest -- TidBITS -- April 29,1996

Many of you have expressed an interest in using TableMaker on your own computer. That way, you wouldn't have to rely on a connection to the Internet and you could also process more data. Well, I am pleased to announce that I have released a stand-alone version of TableMaker which will allow you to easily convert lots of data into HTML tables without having to use a web browser.

The only caveat is that it only runs on Macintosh computers and I realize this will be absolutely useless to a lot of you. Perhaps you could find a co-worker or friend with a Macintosh. Or download Table Generator for Windows by Mike Kavallierou which was inspired by (and is very similar to) my online version of TableMaker. You can download it at WinSite or Simtel.Net.

The features of the TableMaker Application is a lot like the web page version. You have control over many formatting options including the border, width, height, cell padding, cell spacing, caption, column spanning, row spanning, header cells, and horizontal alignment. Your formatting options are stored in settings files and you can save and reuse them as you please.

The biggest advantage that the stand-alone version of TableMaker has over its web page cousin is that one can process multiple files and data at a time. It is very easy to use -- just drag and drop one or more text files containing comma or tab-delimited data onto TableMaker. You will be prompted to specify the settings file you want to use, and new HTML files are created containing your tables. Each data file can even have more than one set of data separated by a blank line and the resulting HTML file will have separate tables for each set of data.

Two Different TableMaker Applications

There are actually two different types of TableMaker applications -- one called "TableMaker" and the other one called "TableMaker Droplet." The droplet version of TableMaker is much smaller in size, but it requires that you have MacPerl (version 5) installed on your computer. The stand-alone version of TableMaker, on the other hand, includes a runtime version of MacPerl built-in and so it does not have any such requirement.

Current Version is 1.1

New features or changes since version 1.0.1 of TableMaker include:

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stand-alone version (588K)
droplet version (52K) -- requires MacPerl version 5!

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