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Cease & Desist -- Dear Yoko (page 9)

From Nov 29, 1996 to Mar 28, 1997, visitors to Bagism had the opportunity to write a letter to Yoko Ono asking that she reconsider the decision by her laywers to shut down my former John Lennon site. The first three pages of these letters were mailed to Yoko Ono but I never received a reply.

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(please note that new letters are no longer being accepted)

Feb 24, 1997
A. Petrocco ( from Oakhurst, NJ USA
Comments: It must be very difficult to be in the public eye the way you have been, and to want to protect your husband's name and image. Internet serves a very important purpose in bringing people from all over the world together. In my opinion, it's one step toward realizing John Lennon's dream of world peace. It also allows people to integrate into society who would otherwise be unable to do so. These are people who are handicapped or otherwise shut-ins. One way in which you could maintain control of trademarks and other licensed photos or information would be to have the webmaster sign a contract in which they agree not to receive any money in connection with the web page AND that you (or your representatives) may at any time have inappropriate materials removed. I wish you well, and hope that an amicable solution can be found. Sincerely, Adelle Petrocco

Feb 24, 1997
buck buchanan (
Comments: Oh Yoko your love can turn me on... I'm sure you will never read this, yet I feel compelled to write. I never saw the site, but I damn sure heard John loud and clear. Give Peace A Chance. Was his message that endures. I cried so the day he died, and wished it could have been someone else. It seems that the hateful people took all our leaders of that time from us. You must do as you see fit, and hopefully you will find a way to help this generation lost in cyberspace know Johns' and your philosophy. PEACE buck

Feb 24, 1997
asdf ( from USA
Comments: Yoko, I think you did the right thing.. you have my support

Feb 25, 1997
Sarah Brown
Comments: Dear Yoko, You know, you are one of the luckiest people alive to have actually have known the loved John Lennon. But didn't he want love spread around? For those of us who were not privledged enough to know John weep because we do not have a real chance seeing that he is deceased. But you can give us an alternative. Please let us learn from him. We can all then work for a more peaceful world.

Feb 25, 1997
Andrew W. Bowie ( from Shiremanstown PA 17011 USA
Comments: Saw John Lennon/Beatles on Ed Sullivan. I was in 7th grade. I was sitting in my High School cafeteria the day I heard The Beatles were breaking up. Perfect bookends to my high school days. The day John Lennon died, was a day that I felt utter hopelessness invade my spirit. Now you shut down a tribute to the man that was that important to myself, and countless millions of other in THE WHOLE WORLD. 'Imagine, a brotherhood of MAN'. It appears that you lost something along the way. Your reasons, your excuses, your explanations...........who cares!!!! What's wrong with this picture.

Feb 25, 1997
Anna from São Paulo, BRAZIL
Comments: Ms. Ono, hello for you. Please, listen to all the people. Let Sam carry on with the page! Please! You see, we are all asking for it... it's a way to say to John that we love him! And you know that he's looking to it!... ( and, as McCartney once said, the money can't buy you love. And money can't give us a page like this one. ). Let he carry on. Don't let us down, for God's sake! Love and peace, Anna C.

Feb 25, 1997
Spirit of Music from Pepperland
Comments: Mrs. Lennon! Don't do it to us! It's such a crime let us all without a plcae to say what we really think. John ( God bless him, if possible ), if were alive, would love to hear from us. Yopu know that it's true... so, why close? you could open your own page instead. It would be wonderful... Don't you think so? IMAGINE HOW IT'D BE. Have you imagined? Now let us stay with our site!!!!!!! From the heart of the black country! It turned nice again... Love, The spirit of music ( and many others )

Feb 26, 1997
Amelia Papp and Allison Walter ( from Columbus, Ohio USA
Comments: We feel your true pain and suffered John's loss with you. We loved you on the David Frost show. We must go back to school.

Feb 26, 1997
Donna Williams ( from owasso Ok.
Comments: Dear, Yoko The John Lennon web site was very good! Please reveiw it for yourself.I dont think anyone intended any harm.I would hope you would be proud. We the people are doing what you & John always wanted and dreamed of which I thought was to spread love & peace .What better way to remember John & teach other's but by the world wide web! I think John would have loved it! Sincerely, Donna

Feb 27, 1997
Okta Kurniawan ( from Medan, Indonesia
Comments: i love you John

Feb 27, 1997
Eugene Gorbokonenko ( from Ulyanovsk, Russia
Comments: Yoko, you betrayed John and his ideas! You call hatred only! I'm so sad...

Feb 27, 1997
luke carey from oalwood ohio usa
Comments: dear yoko: first I would like to say that john lennon is my hero & my idol. He gave so much to people all around the world I just would like you to know that a whole new generation of teenagers are finding out about Mr. Lennon. Please let other people learn more and enjoy the man who gave us so much.He was somthing more than just a rock star he was like a friend a pal who you could relax with but I'm sure you know all about this but I wanted to give my input. Stay happy!:) - LUKE CAREY

Feb 27, 1997
Lauren Mathews ( from Herndon, Virginia, USA
Comments: Dear Yoko, You have every right to take away any thing that you don't want on the internet about John. After all he was your husband. It's your decision. But it would be great if others could enjoy his memory. But,it's up to you. We love you YOKO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Feb 27, 1997
Monika ( from Livermore, California, US
Comments: Dear Yoko, I was searching through my favorite web pages when i came to Sam's page. It said the page had been closed because the lawyers for the John Lennon Estate asked him to shut it down. Did you know about this? I've seen his page, and if i were you, i'd be very flatterd, i think John would too. I was very disapointed because it's hard to find a respectable John page, i know because i've searched all of them. Web pages are the only link i have to any info about John, since he was shot before i was born. Please give Sam permission to put the page back up. Thank You, Monika

Feb 28, 1997
Casey Butler ( from Las Vegas, NV, USA
Comments: Yoko, You need to talk to your lawyers. Pulling that page was business... This is the Internet, and it's going to turn the intellectual property world upside down - but in a good way. That page was free advertising for you. By keeping the Lennon memory alive it was also keeping you in the front of people's minds. If anything, you should be encouraging more Web sites and providing their creators with content. Your property is your music and your art, protect those by requesting their removal. You can only benefit, however, by allow short clips, photos, JPGs of art, lyrics, and published reviews or interviews. The artist who understands the Net will be the winner. For the first time, you have a direct link to your audience - not throught lawyers, not through a record company, not through distributors - but directly from us to you. Imagine the things to come! Casey

Feb 28, 1997
heather Willis ( from harkers Island NC 28531
Comments: Dear Yoko Ono, My name is Heather Willis and I would like to say that I want to say that John Lennon was my favorite singer,and I hope that you will try to keep the bagism site open because, its really important to Sam and everyone else to keep John's memory alive for everyone that didn't know about will.I hope you will think about everything I said.I also want to say that your husband made the words peace and love count and he was a very good and kind person who cared about you and your son Sean please help him remember his father the way he was.His music helped everyone get over thinking about the Vietnam War. Thank You for your time, HEATHER WILLIS

Mar 3, 1997
Emilia from Arizona
Comments: Dear Yoko, Hi! How've you been? Good I hope. I also hope you're actually reading these letters and not just throwing them away. I was only three days away from being three months old when John was killed. I don't know if you really did break up The Beatles. I know in my heart that you didn't do it intentionally. You're not taking too much offense to all of those nasty letters which were included with the rest, are you? In my opinion, those people are ignorant and narrow-minded. They're disrespecting John. After all John loved YOU. If they truly love him, then they will love you, too. Or at least give you the respect you deserve. Please don't think I'm just kissing your ass because that's not what I'm trying to do at all. I do think you should let Sam exhibit the pages he had up before. Maybe he should have asked permission first, but he was only doing it out of love. He loves your husband and wants to share that love with John's other fans. You took away his right to share a common love with others. Give him back that right. Let him share his love for your husband with the rest of the world, so they can feel it, too. Please. Sincerely, with love, Emilia

Mar 4, 1997
Julia Toomey ( from Foxboro, MA, USA
Comments: Yoko? You know what I think? I think, for the good of the world, you should have kept that website open. It gives people of new generations (Like me!) a chance to see what John's inner life was like. If it weren't for people like us, John wouldn't have become rich- You might never have met John!!! In retrospect,I think you are a wonderful person and you shouldn't have taken that $hit from the media and the other Beatles.There are more children than you think who would have taken the bullets for John - I would, and few of my friends would.Believe me Yoko, If I'd had the chance... PLEASE RE-OPEN THE WEBSITE! PLEASE... IT MEANS SO MUCH TO ALL OF US! IMAGINE IT...

Mar 4, 1997
Jules ( from Foxboro, Ma, USA
Comments: Yoko, if you actually read this, read it well. Please don't listen to those jerks who make fun of you. John loved you. I love John (more than words)and I am only thirteen.I really don't know much about the site, since I have just recently gotten AOL because I went to a new school where everyone hates me because I love John. However, that doesn't keep me from beleiving. I just recently saw a picture of John holding baby Sean in the hospital,with you in the background. It kind of touched me. You didn't love John for his money, you loved him because he was a great person, a working-class hero, and he was a person who wanted to make this world a better place. I would love for this world to be filled with John Lennons, and I strongly feel as if you would want that, too. I wish John had had more time... If you think I'm just another fan, you are dead wrong. I love John more than a lot of people. (Like , say, Cynthia) I think you are extremely lucky. Do a lot of people who could be somebody a chance.

Mar 4, 1997
Jules or Julia Cuz i hate my real name (Kathleen) ( from Foxboro Ma, USA GO YOKO!! I'm not sucking up.
Comments: Yoko I think you are the greatest. Please don't let me think otherwise.Please restore Sam's website to how it was before. Oh I am listening to Cry Baby Cry and it is making me cry. It is my inner question to find out why Mark David Chapman killed John. I really love John. I really do. Beleive me.If this,by some miracle, is actually being read by you, please Email me. I really want to know how you have been feeling these past 16 years,because the damned media won't tell. There are some people in this world... Well, Yoko, I must say I love you(Even though i am a girl and 13 at that) Please respond to Sam Choukri's situation and also to mine. You see, i am slowly fading away because of John's death. I used to be so enthusiastic, now I can barely lift my head in class. That is what Chapman has done to me. I always say "John Lennon is", and even my best friend says "Dead!" It makes me feel miserable. sincerely yours, Julia.

Mar 4, 1997
Minako Aino (Beatle from Maryland
Comments: Dear Yoko, While John was alive you always talked about how much you wanted peace,love,freedom,and equality. I did once admire (at most) your persistance at this goal. But now I see you are just like the people you were against. If you ever had the slightest feelings towards John, peace, love, and all the rest of it, you'ld let people express their feelings towards this beautiful man and his dreams and not restrict us. I feel the need to tell you money can't buy you love, and you shouldn't let it try. You should feel ashamed that you ever tried stopping this wonderful site. It has brought thousands of people together to celebrate all John was and is. I hope you are satisfied with you're selfishness and no matter how much you try to destroy the man, his spirit will live on to spread more love and not even your lawyers can stop that.

Mar 4, 1997
dAzY (
Comments: yoko, I think that you where one of the biggest, if not THE biggest influence on John Lennon's life, he loved you more than even you know, so please, do his fans and his legacy a favor and allow this site to be continued, his memory deserves to live on. dAzY age-14

Mar 5, 1997
Jessica Little ( from California, U.S.A.
Comments: Dear Yoko, I believe that Sam did nothing wrong by inspiring me, and I am sure others, with John's is and was more than just art, it shows us that war is nonsense and we must learn to see things differently and respect one another. I respect Lennon and what he was. Please don't take away that from us. Give peace a chance, Jessica in California P.S.- I saw you on mad about you awhile back too,it was hilarious! *giggle*

Mar 6, 1997
beatle freak ( from Liverpool, England
Comments: Hi! Yoko you should let him put John's Web page Back on the Web. It was really good. I loved looking at all the cool things on it.

Mar 6, 1997
Love John Lennon from England
Comments: Dear Yoko, Hello, I love you and your husband, He was the greatest person, with his music, and his personality. I'm doing a report on him for Social Studies b/c love him so much, and you are the greatest. Thank you, PEACE.

Mar 7, 1997
Sarah Crawford from West Allis, WI U.S.A.
Comments: Dear Mrs. Ono- This is one of the finest John Lennon sutes around, and I don't think that you should have made it shut dow. I admire your work and most of your desicions, but not his one. Thank you for your time

Mar 7, 1997
Steve (
Comments: I really think you should look this site over before getting rid of it, it is one of my favorite sites of John. Please do not get rid of it.

Mar 8, 1997
AbbeyRd789 ( from RR 2 Box# 401 Dalton, PA 18414 (America of course)
Comments: Dear Mrs.Lennon,(If I may call you that) I would just like to express my opinions on this web page. I feel that it is very good. I wish that you would take the time to really read it through. You are a remarkable woman and John Lennon is my idol, my hero, a person I look up to with the greatest of respect and dignity. I admire his work as well as yours. I consider you two as two of the most influential people the world has ever known. Please don't take this website away. I know this must be getting quite annoying I mean getting all of this mail. And I also know how busy you probably are. Before I close this short but to the point letter, I would just like to say that I really look up to you. John Lennon has always been my inspiration and when I started getting more into the Beatles I learned more about you. I admire you very much. I don't know if this is out of line, but I was wondering if maybe you could write a personal letter to me. My address is listed on the letter and I would appreciate it. Thank you for your time and please consider keeping this website around. It really is good. If my question about writing back is not possible I understand. I know what a hectic schedule you must have. Thank you again. Sincerely yours, Stephanie Yuhas Age 14

Mar 8, 1997
Julia Shtromberg ( from West Hartford, CT USA
Comments: Dear Yoko! As for me, I just got onto this site, so I'm new here.I think that any site about John is worthwhile, especially the one that has John Lennon Chat on it.I don't have a computer of my own-I'm writing from the library net acces- and the e-mail address is valid untill July. I don't have cable of any kind and the news about any new releases about John(or other Beatles) are very hard to find. This site is very helpfull! In a week I'll be able to enter The Web Chat, and , for the first time, participate in it. So, please understand.

Mar 9, 1997
richard d james from Glasgow Scotland
Comments: Why did you allow this to happen. we all love John dont take this away from us?

Mar 10, 1997
Michelle Nicole Dadich ( from Sydney, Australia
Comments: Dearest Yoko, I have wanted for so long to talk to you, but living half way across the world makes that difficult. I want to thank you for making John the man he was, (and in my heart, still is)- and that is a loving husband and father. From what I have heard, before he met you his life was segmented and disjointed. However, you were able to stabilise both your lives despite other pressures. behind every great man is a greater woman (well, that's what I tell my fiannce). Both you and he once said that we are more part of the sky than of the land - I take console in this, knowing that I am just that little bit closer to heaven. With love...Michelle Nicole Dadich.

Mar 10, 1997
Phoebe Parkes ( from Rockhampton Queensland Australia
Comments: Heh, I know that there is a very minute chance that the actual Yoko will ever get to read this letter. But..... to close a John Lennon site is almost criminal to any true Lennon fan. So don't let them.

Mar 10, 1997
Jaime (
Comments: Dear Yoko, I am a great fan of yours and of Johns. You have to be the luckiest woman alive to have lived and breathed with John Lennon. I envy you. Not just because John loved you because you were a wonderful artist, and you did what YOU wanted to do, not what everyone else wanted you to do. I am just 16 years old and I have read 12 John Lennon books and 5 Beatles books, needless to say I have a very swayed opinion about you, but I love you! You are a beautiful woman. Anyways, please help Sam to get his web-site back! People love your husband, and want to learn about him! Yoko, stay beautiful! I love you! Jaime.

Mar 10, 1997
Brian O'Halloran ( from Ireland
Comments: Yoko, do you honestly think that the memory of John should be tarnished in such a tawdry way by shutting down the web site? If you REALLY want to keep his memory and ideals alive, then leave people like Sam to do what they have to do. I hope you come to the right decision in the end. Yours, Brian O'Halloran.

Mar 10, 1997
Comments: MRS. LENNON: If there is someone with the moral obligation to perpetuate the work of John, that someone is you. Please keep everything about John alive and MAKE CONTESTS TO FIND THE BEST IMPERSONATOR OF HIM and then you got another way to keep his memory and his music alive.

Mar 10, 1997
andrea from canada
Comments: dear yoko, bagism is a great idea. it leaves no room for visual prejudices because you can't see any thing. based solely on the action of closing down sam's previous site, you don't seem to be very nice. but because john loved you, i must think again. how can a man who's word inspired a generation, love a hard, selfish woman? i don't think it could have been possible. john must have been a beautiful man, and you a beautiful woman. are you still? if you can find that beautiful woman, have her contact her lawyers and tell them that you want to share yourself and your husband with those of us not fortunate enough to meet you in person. Peace.

Mar 11, 1997
Mirka Mikkonen ( from Espoo,Finland
Comments: Hello Yoko, Iīve always thought that though I donīt know you, youīve got to be a nice person because John married you and loved you very much. Please, let the pages exist. It means a lot to me though Iīm just a twelve years old Beatle fan and John Lennon fan, but a fanatic one and, believe it or not, Iīve tried very hard to find a Beatle web page and this is one of the few pages Iīve found so please, donīt take it away! What would John say in this situation? Would he accept the pages? You know, I believe John is still with us though we canīt see him and he would appreciate if you thought what he would say now. I never met John and I donīt know howt heīd react but I would be more than happy if somebody made a web page of me. Could you imagine yourself as a twelve years old Beatle fan sitting in front of your computer trying to find a web page of your idols? When youīve found one after a long search you find out that one of the people youīve always wanted to meet wants to take the pages away. I hope you donīt mind if my English isnīt perfect.You know, anyway, John was lucky to find you. One thing more, a few weeks ago me and my family travelled by train to a city called Vaasa. The trip took six hours and the only reason for us to go there was that there was a theatre in wich they had a play called Elvis & John So I think you can guess how much these pages mean to me. ...Imagine all the people living lives in peace... P.S. Double Fantasy is a great album,I liked specially (Just Like) Starting Over. Mirka, Finland

Mar 11, 1997
Iris Lamoure ( from El Paso T.X 79936 11852 Scott Simpson
Comments: Dear Yoko : I'm a huge fan of yours and john lennon"s hes my idol Ireally adore your gorgiuose son Sean and he is incredibly talented your a great and very strong person I idolize you. P.S. If you read this please write back it will mean the world to me. With lots of love Iris Lamoure

Mar 11, 1997
Rick Lauder ( from Ontario Canada
Comments: Dear Yoko, as a teenager I rushed to the Winnipeg Airport to catch a glimps of the Beatles in the summer of 1964. John and the others were anti-establishment...they repeesented freedom of speech. Today the web is a technological development that John would be a part of. If someone is making money off his name, then you have a right to be concerned. Otherwise, sit back and enjoy it as John would have. Let it Be!

Mar 12, 1997
Tim Eckley
Comments: Dear Yoko i'm a 15 year old male who loves john lennon. If i was going to die and i had a last request i would ask to see one of the beatles or at least talk to one. john is my favorite beatle even thought he died from that mental patient mark chapman i still think he's changing the world in many ways. i would love to learn more on john lennon. but the thing your lawyers did stops me from knowing the things about john. so please reconsider what happened to this page. i am like the beatles so much i did my history day prodject on them my teacher wanted me to just do it on the john i asked her why and she said i wrote to much on john. i am getting my school in too the music that john wrote. the world still needs a john in our lives and i think the internet is the closes we can get. here's a project i did for school. it would of been better if i had more information in my opion buti got a A on it (please read) The Beatles By: Tim Eckley The Beatles started in 1962. John Lennon, Paul McCartney, George Harrison, Richard Starkey, and former Pete Best made up the Beatles. Pete Best was the first drummer but he left after controversy about music and health. So Ringo Starr took over. There was controversy about the title like the Quarry Men. They got that name off of Johns school called Quarry Bank High. The rest of the names were made up like the Silver Beatles then their final decision The Beatles. They were suppose to tour in America in 1964, but they canceled it. They wanted a number 1# there first. Which they got with the song I Want to Hold Your Hand . I Want to Hold Your Hand was the start of the Beatle mania. The Beatles made movies, magazines, singles and records. Some records are worth more money then others. If you have the original copy of the Butcher record it would be worth over a thousand dollars. The reason is because the record wasn't allowed in America. The producers called the record back. The reason that the United States wouldn't allow it was because it had little dolls on the cover with the heads torn off them. There was a rumor about Paul that he was going to die. On the front of the album Abbey Road there was a car and on the license of that car was the date that Paul was suppose to die on. Paul didn't wear shoes on that cover. In the song Glass Onion they tell you who the walrus was. The walrus was Paul. Which this all leads to the death of Paul. Weird isn't it !!!!!!!! The Beatles broke up because Paul wanted to put out his own record but the rest of the Beatles didn't want him to because it would hurt the sale of the next album. John wanted to spend more time with his wife Yoko Ono. So in 1970 they broke up. The world was shocked. Later on Dec 8.1980 John Lennon was shot and killed by Mark Chapman a former mental patient. John was killed in front of the Dakota Apartment Building in New York, New York. Later they began the B.B.C's, and the Anthology's, which got the people thinking again about the Beatles . The Beatles played for the world while the world listened. Some say the Beatles helped the way through the 60's. Some say without the Beatles they wouldn't be here today. But hey, that's their opinion not mine. i wish you could tell me what you think. maybe you can if you ever find my address i would love to hear from you . Some one who cares Tim Eckley

Mar 12, 1997
AnnaC.+GilbertGrape+Ritchie+Maya+Linda+25 fellows from São Paulo-BRAZIL- South America-Earth
Comments: OH, YOKO/ OUR LOVE WILL TURN YOU ON! sorry if we mistake the chord, but it's OK...BUT WE HOPE our love turn you on. Why close? We don't have another place to see all those things! Bad, bad, bad...THINK TWICE! Love, Anna, Gilbert Grape, Ritchie, Ana Maria Maya, Linda, Tommy, Marcos, Beto, #9Dream and another bunch of people.

Mar 12, 1997
Colin Ritter (
Comments: Dear Yoko, I have always been a great fan of your late husband and I think it's a shame that a website devoted to pieces of John's artwork and writings was torn down by your lawyers. I never looked at the art you and John made as being done to make a profit. I always felt that you guys did what you did, not to make a buck, but to get people to think about different issues that we normally from day to day don't think about. Bagism, peace, understanding and acceptance of diversity, goodwill towards men and women, etc. I would love to see a site set up where I could look at John's and your art, and appreciate it for what it is, and my interpretation of it. Thank you for your time and best wishes to you, Sean and Julian, Colin Ritter

Mar 13, 1997
Lessa ( from Maryland U.S.A
Comments: Dear Yoko, By now you are most likly sick of all the letters you get throug this web page but it is all to show we care. John Lennon was a great man. I would like to be able to See his workes and learn about him. I hope you Will viset this sight and see for your self. I seend you my best wishes. A dedicated fan, Lessa

Mar 14, 1997
Yoda ( from Philadelphia Pa,
Comments: Dear Yoko, This is realy a neat website. Ever thing in here is positive, nothing bad. I realy admire you and john for trying to bring the love of everyone in world closer together. You and John have made a difference for me and the rest of the world. Thanks. Plese write me back at I would greatly appreciate that. Thanks Christian Talman,age11

Mar 14, 1997
V of Mn from Minnesota
Comments: YOko: Some people in this world didn't get to live when John was alive. I am one of them. I think you should let the web site remain for the future can learn about JOhn. He taught about peace,love, and happiness. That's what the world is missing. After his death, the 80's came. Of all the decades, I think that one was the worst. Why? Because we didn't have JOhn. He couldn't sing the songs that shaped our future. I realy hope you change your mind and let the web site back. Think of all the people who love John. Do it for them. Thanx!

Mar 14, 1997
Cory ( from Ca.
Comments: Dearest Yoko, I love You. Please bring back the old website. I don't thinkJohn would have minded.

Mar 16, 1997
Claire Reid ( from Stranraer Scotland
Comments: Dear Yoko You probably won't get to this letter, as so many of the previous letters have been negative, or derrogatory. But this one's different! I'm only 16, and I only shared the world with John for 3 months, but I love him, and I love you, so I want you to know you have my support (and the support of many others) in everything you do. I love you, you and John have had a profound effect on my life. peace and love Claire

Mar 16, 1997
Comments: Dear god, let the page go on!!! I know you'll probably never read or see this letter but I'm going to talk anyway. I think that you and John were one of the best pairs that has ever walked the earth. I must say that I am extremely jealous of you because John loved you. I barely knew who John was until Sam's page and now that I'm hooked I don't want to see my source go! Peace. Yankee

Mar 16, 1997
Bobby Flippo (
Comments: Dear Ms. Lennon, I would like to take this opportunity to apologize for all the vicious things people have said to you simply because you shared a love with another artist who was idolized. Many people in this world think that they owned John simply because he was an outspoken person who spoke truth, which for many of us who lived surrounded by lies and hypocrisy, was a beacon of enlightenment. John gave many of us a new direction for our lives by helping us to open our minds. The truth you both helped me visualize, through your words and actions,is a priceless gift which has enriched my life in countless ways. I sincerly thank you both. You knew John better than anyone on this plane of existance and how his art should be accessed is your decision alone. I wish you the very best in all your future endeavors. Thanx, Bobby Flippo

Mar 16, 1997
Guru ( from Anchorage, Alaska USA
Comments: Jai Guru!, Oh Yoko, All I remember about the Former John Lennon site is that it was a beautiful monument dedicated to spreading the the immortal Memory of John, His Music, Art, and all the wonderful Ideas of Peace, & Love that you BOTH worked so hard to promote... I'm 16, and a large amount of what I know of John Came off of the internet, and That Page. You have the right (and Responsibility) to decide what parts of your late husband's estate Should be allowed on the internet. Please realize that whatever you decide will have a direct affect on what people like me will know about him. I Love the image of John Lennon! He was an amazingly Talented & insightful man. Please, Don't let us just Imagine John Lennon, Let us (the younger Generation) Know John Lennon! Thankyou Yoko, Thankyou...

Mar 17, 1997
Heather Rodriguez ( from Crofton, Maryland, USA
Comments: Dear Yoko, I understand your concern but i want to remind you that not all of us are blessed to have known john like you did and we want a chance to get to know him through his artwork, poetry, etc. so please allow us to show the world the wonders of john lennon through our bagism page. i love you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (not like that) love heather

Mar 17, 1997
Anders Ahlberg ( from MALMOE SWEDEN
Comments: To Yoko. To spread Johnīs and yours message of love and peace we all need to learn more about how to make the world a better place. Although I wasnīt old enough to know who John Lennon was before he was gone, Iīve learned so much from John and if he thaught me to think the way I do, people need places like this to understand what itīs all about, donīt you think? Truly yours Anders Ahlberg

Mar 17, 1997
Ms. Carol Starkey ( from Scranton, PA. USA
Comments: Dear Yoko, I don't know much about the Bagism site, as I'm new to it. So, I don't know what Sam had on his old site, that you didn't like. BUT he seems to be a cool John Lennon fan. Remember on one of the Dick Cavett shows you did in the 70's? Where John was talking about total freedom-well, especially, in the add-to-novel Sam allows us that freedom of doing what we want. Unfortunately, Sam wants to end the add-to-novel, and replace it with something else. Remember, as long as nobody is doing anything criminial-us fans should be allowed the freedom. If Sam wanted to share some thing's with us fans- how can that be wrong? I doubt someone as busy as yourself, will be reading all of these messages, and your lawyers will probably only pick the best 20 or something. I'm a 26 year old 3rd generation Beatle fan--Paul and John are tied for my faves, although, I do kind of lean more towards Paul. My personality is probably more Lennon like. I'm also a fan of the group Oasis. (Who are also fans of the fabs.) My point is-us twentysomethings-and also the YOUNGER fans--need to see and hear EVERYTHING that's relevant--- so we can make clear choices. That's why Hunter Davies' authorized Beatles bio is so important--and why crap like Philip Norman's "Shout!" is not. When you get to see and hear all of the relevant things, you can easily sweep the crap that is out there, under the carpet, because you know the real story. So--let Sam do the John Lennon page that he wants to do. It's all about freedom. That wonderful 60's idealism--that trust me is alive and well in the cynical 90's. It started on July 6th, 1957 the day John met Paul---and it's still going on strong today........ Sincerely, Carol Starkey Scranton, PA

Mar 18, 1997
Sara Henderson ( from Los Angeles, CA
Comments: Dear Yoko, I am only 16 years old, and even though I wasn't there for the Beatle mania days in the 60's and 70's, I love John and his love for us. My love for John and the Beatles have brought my mom and myself together even more. We sit and watch all the old Bealte movies together. We watch Imagine together. Just the other day we were watching news clips of when John was killed, and we both sat there crying like babies. We also sat at our computer and downloaded all of John's drawings. Some of them my mom had never seen. She is a Beatle freak from way back too. When I saw John's drawings and paintings for the first time I started to cry. To see his love for you, Sean, and his music is so touching. I think everyone should be allowed to experience those feelings. The internet is a way to reach millions of people. Wouldn't John dig that? Wouldn't he dig a way to spread love and joy to so many people at once? I think he would. Peace Yoko, stay safe! Sara *)

Mar 18, 1997
Julian Bashir ( from Kennebunk, Maine USA
Comments: Dear Ms. Ono, I have only been on the internet for about a week now, but I have visited Sam Chourki's Bagism site several times on a friend's computer before this date. I never had the opprotunity to visit the previous web page that your lawyers shut down, but if this site is any indication of what the other site was like, than I cannot see where any harm has been done. This site seems to show only the greatest repect for both John Lennon and his work, and although I can see why you might express some concern over people putting "artwork and trademarks" on the information highway, it appears to me that Sam meant only sincere flattery of John and I don't really understand why such extreme action had to be taken. After all, from what I have heard, Sam was willing to take off any of the offending material. Why wasn't that enough? I'm only 14, and while I doubt that you'll ever read this, if you do, I would appreciate an E-mail or some sort of answer. Please understand that I say all of this with all due respect intended, and I apologise if anything sounds confrontational or rude. But John and all of the Beatles have greatly inspired me over the past few years (I even did a school project on them which I got an A+ on), and I would like for others to be able to share in that inspiration if it is at all possible. P.S. Did you ever visit the site? If not, why don't you give it a try before meking any final judgements... it really is a good site, you know.

Mar 19, 1997
Sarah (
Comments: Dear Ms. Ono It saddens me to see that a woman who has such a big heart coul allow a thing like this to happen. I am a huge Lennon fan that appreciates everything that John and yourself did together and seperatly. I am asking you to please open your heart and let the creator of this website put those things back in here. You and John worked so hard for charity and peace.The young computer generation and every generation before and after needs, no, deserves to hear and see the beautiful things you and your husband strived for, So please, please Ms. Ono I think in your heart you know what is right.

Mar 19, 1997
Hilary Dunlap ( from Attleboro Mass USA
Comments: Dear Yoko, I've taken only a little time to read what others have written to you and I was extremely shocked by the hate people have towards you. I would like to apologize for my fellow fans who happen to take this obbsession with John just a tad to far. I wish that you would reconsider the restrictions you have put on this fabulous web page. I love John Lennon's work and I realize I can't really say that I love John Lennon because I don't know him and know that most of his personality that the public saw was a media creation but, I love the fact that this page brings me closer to John Lennon's work and others who like his work as well. I respect you for the help you gave John in his work and in his soul. I think that you are a great person for the things you have done in your life and John's too. I know that after all those nasty notes people have left you you probably aren't feeling too gracious but please help out this great web page. Thank you very much!

Mar 19, 1997
Rick Blackford ( from Indiana USA
Comments: My Dearest Yoko, When I was 6 years old I heard a sound that inspired me to later become a rock guitarist. That sound was the music of John Lennon. As I grew older I heard another sound that inspired me to protest unfair war, government, and slave-type treatment of women. That sound was the words of John Lennon. I trusted everything he said and believed in him totally. When I was 26, I heard the worst sound in my life as I sat in my car waiting for it to warm up in the winter of 1980. That sound was the news report of John's death. I went to work in a daze. I was in mourning for months. I was ready to give up my music, my beliefs, my dreams. Then one night I had a dream, or perhaps a vision. John spoke and said to carry on. I have often wondered what kind of world this would be now if it were not for the 40 years John was with us. I have often wondered how it would have turned out if John had not met Yoko Ono, who inspired him to speak out. A few years ago the children in my household heard a sound. They rushed into the room and began listening and singing along. That sound was a recording of John. So completes the circle. It's a small world. The internet shrinks it even more. Soon everyone will know everyone. We will soon all be one. That's how John invisioned it. That is how it should be. That is how it will be. Please help the world one more time Yoko. For John, for me, for yourself and your children. For all of us. We love you and John and miss him dearly. But after the vision I had, I have always felt he is here with me with guidance and understanding in my times of musical and spiritual need. Let the web site be. Please. Peace be with you. Love and Thanks.

Mar 20, 1997
shakari from sky
Comments: those blood-sucking/money-sucking lawyers need to lighten up- john would've said let it have a go- since this site is dedicated to him, shouldn't that be all that really matters? this and other pages are what (in addition to other things, of course) keep his spirit alive in the hearts and memories of fans- he loved his fans

Mar 21, 1997
daisy from United States
Comments: Just bring it back, crazy!

Mar 21, 1997
Laura M.
Comments: John Lennon means so much to me. When I was growing up I had many problems. I was only 5 years old. One day I found a tape that changed my life ,it was The Beatles greatest hits and I was a happy 5 year old once again .When I was 15 I fell in love with your husband. I'm 17 now and more than anything I wish I could have met him. He represents all that is unique and wonderful. He was always true to himself and that is how I try to be. I have never seen the site but any site that allows young people like me to understand the greatest man that ever lived is good enough for me.It isn't just that he was such a great and famous guy but that he never allowed his fame or the situations going on around him to change him.

Mar 21, 1997
jami daskalas ( from New York, NY USA
Comments: Yoko, I think you did the right thing and I support you and any decision you make regarding this. I have great respect for both you and John, and I trust that John knew what he was doing when he left his estate up to you and any decisions regarding it. I love your family and I wish to you a peaceful and happy life! PEACE!

Mar 21, 1997
steven archer ( from chicago, il, usa
Comments: Dear Yoko, I was born in 1960, bought the white album the day it came out, and from that time on, literally from the moment "Dear Prudence" first graced my ears, no artist on the planet, past, present or future has meant more to me than your husband. I was living in New York in 1980, saw the skywriting from Washington Square, but I entered a dark place that year. It was only a few years ago that I really began accepting what happened. No one, save his family, holds this man in higher esteem, and I assure you that Sam's web site was a moving and proper tribute. Please talk to the lawyers--they do many good things, but I believe this might have been a mistake. As you said that day, John lives in us all--not a day passes that I don''s hard to express. He remains vital and alive to so many of us, and by joining over miles and time and continents in this can only imagine what reaches John through this remarkable conversation. We won't damage his memory...

Mar 21, 1997
eric hilario ( from manila philippines
Comments: Dear Yoko, I have been a fan of JWLennon for almost 2/3 of my life and its wonderfull to know that people from other places shares the same interest as mine. I'm proud to see John's web page like this one and I hope you do too.With this kind of site John Lennon will be best remembered. Thank you and best regards Eric Hilario

Mar 21, 1997
K. J. O'Donnell ( from Canada
Comments: Ms Ono, I can only speak for myself, but my greif at John's senseless murder was very intense. His words, music and life touched me deeply. Now, to discourage the promotion of his ideals of love and peace on a new medium such as the internet, or true fans and admirers such as Sam, I believe, is sacreligous to his memory.

Mar 21, 1997
Panda ( from Southern California
Comments: Yoko, I think Sam has done a great job in developing his page, and I am glad I got to enjoy it before the lawyers got their hands on it. Whichever way you decide, this page spreads a lot of joy around the world . . .

Mar 21, 1997
kate ( from california
Comments: dear yoko, i don't know what to say. honestly, i belive that cutting this page from us would be a travisty on part of your husbands memorie. alot of the younger, 2nd generation beatle/ lennon fans gather here, i always thought that the internet was a load of bull, but, i have made many new friends from around the world, and we can all talk about the one thing we love most. we would just feel terrible if someone took that away from us. we just want to have fun, talk and be ourselves.ther are not many places kids my age can go and talk about the beatles and the person on the other end knows who john, paul, george and ringo are, and not be razzed about it either. so please, take a look at what we are doing, it's not bad, and we're not trashing him, he inspires us and we pay him back in a little way by setting up this page. there's no glory in war, only tragity, and lossing this page would be our loss.

Mar 22, 1997 ( from Brasilia-DF-Brazil
Comments: Yes

Mar 22, 1997
Damian Mann ( from Houston Texas
Comments: C'mon yoko! You should know lawyers are miserable money grabbin twits. The guys just tryin to do his thing. He's certainly not getting rich off John's memory......and frankly, so what if he was!!! I thought you were about togetherness.....a community!!!I saw the John Lennon collection... Money, money ,Money.....You're the one making the buck on his, let's not be too uppity babe...I found that whole experience fairly offensive.

Mar 22, 1997
Uncle Albert from Kentucky, USA
Comments: Dear Yoko, I understand that in the days when your wonderful husband was alive, you had hard times. You were constatly badgered by fans and the press alike. I realize and understand that you had a right to be angry. I must say nowthough that most people have looked past the 70's and are seeing you in a new light. If you want your husband to be remembered for the love, peace, and happiness that he brought to the people of the world then why won't you let honest fans of him celebrate and honor his life, his love, and his impact through the web site that you shut down. I think you need to stop listening to your lawyers and start listening to your heart. Peace.

Mar 22, 1997
Brandy ( from Cuba, MO, USA
Comments: Dear Yoko, I don't believe that the John Lennon site should have been banned. Through it, more people would have been introduced to the wonder of his works, drawings, and ideas. But now, it's gone. Did you ever even visit it? I didn't get the chance to. That's why I'm writing you. I feel that I have been deprived of seeing something dedicated completely and totally to John Lennon. If I feel that way, imagine how others feel. There are a lot of people out there who would like to know more about him, but can't because there are either not enough resources out there or too many people listening to their lawyers and not their feelings. Peace&Love.

Mar 22, 1997
Comments: Damn you. I can't believe you would do this. Whatever happened to IMAGINE? What ever happened to the peace and love and harmony that you searched for? Whatever happened to the love you claimed to have for John? Don't you think he should get the recognition he deserves? We all love John. We know he should still be here, and in a way he could be, if only you had let Sam continue. You need to tell your lawyers to shut the Hell up and listen to John's voice. "Imagine. . . and the world will live as one." Imagine, Ms. Yoko. Just imagine.

Mar 23, 1997
Theresa A. Valentino ( from Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA
Comments: Dear Yoko, I have been a beatles fan since I was a child, I have purchased a least a dozen peices of the John Lennon art work that you have put up for sale including the "Baggism" one. I remember when the event occurred. The Idea of this chat line is to be able to do what you and John foresaw. To communicate freely without restriction not with the enculturation of skin color or age or financial status. None of that matters and ...................what happens --- HAPPENS.................... I recently made a pilgrimage to the strawberry fields memorial that you set up. I stared for a long time at the steps of the Dakota and I cried. To even think about what happened now is still so very painful. Please do not listen to lawyers who have an entirely different agenda then your own. Individually we can make a difference but only when we allow are true love to reach out to others. Thankyou for listening. Sincerely, Theresa A. Valentino MFA

Mar 23, 1997
Doug Kirkpatrick ( from Oakville, Ia.
Comments: Yoko, I can't help but think John is probably sitting up there saying to himself, " Come on people get on with your life's ". This my be easy to think and say, but there is obviously still a need for some of us to remember what your husband was a part of. For me he has and will be a part of my life. I still think of him, and listen to his music often. If his fans ( some who weren't even born before he was taken away) feel the need and desire to remember him on these pages then whats it going to hurt.Please leave this alone. THANKS, D.A.Kirkpatrick

Mar 24, 1997
name's don't matter ( from London, England
Comments: dear yoko, i don't know if you're gonna read this... but i'll write anyway.. What you and John did is like potatoes, you had humble beginnings but sprouted into something that everyone, poor, rich , old, youbg, black white and anything in between could relate to, understand, and love. "LOVE is here and LOVE is gone, LOVE is YOKO and her JOHN... thanx everything you don't know you've done andy rebera

Mar 25, 1997
Lessa ( from Haver de Grace Maryland USA
Comments: Daer Yoko, I think that this web page is nice. I did not have the chance to viset the one that was shut down but I hear that it Rocked! I think that you can help this web site be grater still. few people would look for a page about John Lennon under bagism, so If we could call it an ofical John Lennon chat page even more people could learn more about John. I hope you can help us. Thanks for your Time!!!!!!!!!!!

Mar 25, 1997
Christina ( from Ohio,USA
Comments: Dear Yoko, I apologize on behalf of anything that might have offended you, Sean, or John's Memory. I have checked out this website and have found it to be very positive. There is nothing on there that pays any disrespect to John, You, Sean,or anyone related. There is only respect and love for all. This site even promotes Bagism and Peace! I can't say if this is real or bullshit. What I can say, and I know I speak for at least someone out there when I say that it does mean something for me. In this world it's so hard to find people like you and John, who had the guts to do what you knew was right and not give a damn what those other people thought. Who strived for Peace and gave a little hope, knowingly or unknowingly, to many people. I was born two years after John died, yet I can relate to him,in a sense. My generation, Generation X as we're called, are living with so much violence around us it's hard to say no. What you and he did gives us hope, to see that a person can be non-violent and drug free, can change and use his or her voice to help the world. I've gotten way off the subject and I'm sorry for going on and on. I would just like to ask you if you could return some of the items to this website. The choice is yours. Honestly, I can say that I probably wouldn't, at least not until I checked the site out. Whatever you decide, know that it is and you are respected by at least this person. Thank You For Your Time, Christina

Mar 25, 1997
Bobby Pelgrift ( from 55 E 72 St New York, NY 10021
Comments: Dear Yoko Ono, The Sam Choukri John Lennon Website is a means by which Beatle fans are able to observe, learn about, and remember your husband without having to pay. The page allows information about your husband to serve as a free public utility so that all people are able to benefit from it. I am sure that you and your husband appreciate this page and its concept of benefitting the public. Among the commercialism which pollutes the images of so many great men, this page allows everyone to benefit from the life of your husband without draining money from their pockets. Mr Choukri does not advertise or profit through this web page and therefore no one has anything to lose if the page continues. However, if this page is shut down, the public will lose the ability to learn about and benefit from your husband's great life. Thankyou in advance:) Sincerely, Bobby Pelgrift

Mar 26, 1997
Jennifer Elliman ( from New York, NY, USA
Comments: Dear Yoko, My son Tristan is dying of cancer. Please do not think this is some joke, because it isnt. It is a very serious matter, and it must be considered. Day after day, I have to go to work and leave him alone at the hospital, where he has no one to talk to and noting to do except play on his computer. My son idolizes your husband and he had loved to watch all of John Lennon pictures and movies from Sam Choukri's WEB page. However, last February, he lost to a virus all of the files which he had downloaded, and now because the page has been shut down, he can't get them back. Tristan is very depressed over many things and maybe if you restore the WEB page, it may lift his spirits, and help him, but I dont know. He's becoming worse and Im desperate for something to lift his spirits or maybe help his recovery. Please restore the WEB page. It might help Tristan. I am very grateful if you will be willing to help. Jennifer Elliman.

Mar 26, 1997
MeganJaye ( from Lake Orion, Mi.
Comments: Yoko, you are an exceptional Artist. Your work never goes without leaving its mark. You've created a chain which can never be broken. The silliness of this world and the naivity of others is just a whisper. It can either be heard or too soft that you can hardly hear it. The whispers will dimenish. You won't. Darkness is heavier but light flows freely and eventually will be seen. This site is a door. A window. Open space. For creativity, words, music and people like me. To exchange Positivity neah negativity. Peace and Love MeganJaye

Mar 26, 1997
Julie from Pennysylvania, U.S.A.
Comments: Dear Yoko, I'm sure this guy didn't mean to do anything wrong. The site he has set up is truly a great tribute to your husband (a good man). Please allow him to bring it back. Sorry if this letter makes no sense but i'm only 13. Thanks your the coolest!! Peace to the world, Juile

Mar 27, 1997
Jerry Funk from 21 6th St. N. E. Apt#1 Mason City, Iowa 50401 U.S.A.
Comments: Yoko, Just dropping you a line to let you know that I dug the things that you and John have done. Although I was born in 1965, I have always appreciated the works of John and Yoko from the Plastic Ono Band through Milk & Honey. John and the others have been a great influence on me as a musician. I wish that I could have gotten to meet him. I think we would have hit it off. I hope that as a musician I can give back what you and John have given to all of us fans--keeping love, peace, and music alive, especially in these crazy times. Sincerely, Jerry Funk Bassist for B.R.A.T.T. (Best Rock All The Time)

Mar 28, 1997
Henry Stewart ( from Brooklyn, NY USA
Comments: Yoko, I just bought a copy of "Skywriting by Word of Mouth" and read your afterword. It said, and I quote, "I'm glad I can share these writings with you, and I'm sure John would be too". All Sam did was share *his* John Lennon stuff with *us*. He didn't really do too much wrong. Closing his sight was really wrong. You've closed down part of the Lennon fans. That's a place where we could go. If you keep this going, John soon won't be around; he'll have been deleted. But if you want to repress John, go ahead.

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