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Test your knowledge of John Lennon and Beatles trivia by answering the following 10 questions selected at random from a database of 314 questions.

1. Which of the following songs does NOT begin with bells?
"Jealous Guy"
"(Just Like) Starting Over"
"Mother" (album version)
"Beautiful Boy (Darling Boy)"

2. What is the full name of John Lennon's first son?
John Charles Julian Lennon
Sean Taro Ono Lennon
Julian Charles Alfred Lennon
Sean Ono Lennon

3. Which *other* Beatle wife did John have a slight crush on (before she was married)?
Pattie Harrison
Linda McCartney
Maureen Starkey

4. When did John and Yoko get married?
March 23, 1969
March 20, 1969
April 16, 1968
July 18, 1969

5. What is the full name of John and Yoko's only child together?
Sean Taro Ono Lennon
Julian Ono Lennon
Kyoko Ono Taro Lennon
Yoko Kyoko Taro Lennon

6. What was the name of the hotel where John and Yoko held their second "Bed-in for Peace?"
King George V
Amsterdam Hilton
Queen Elizabeth
The Plaza

7. Why was John not in the "field sequence" in the film "A Hard Day's Night?"
He was at a luncheon accepting an award for his book.
He became ill and went home.
He was busy writing the title song.
He was allergic to grass.

8. While in Hamburg, the Beatles bet Rory Storm and the Hurricanes that they could do this before the Hurricanes could.
Break the rickety old stage they were perfoming on
Sell out the club
Get the most gigs in Hamburg
Play the most hours on stage without a break

9. Which song did John perform on the "Rolling Stones Rock & Roll Circus"?
"Yer Blues"
"Dear Prudence"
"Happiness is a Warm Gun"

10. What was the name of the song John and Paul originally wrote for the Rolling Stones?
"One After 909"
"Little Child"
"I Wanna Be Your Man"
"I'll Be On My Way"

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