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Test your knowledge of John Lennon and Beatles trivia by answering the following 10 questions selected at random from a database of 314 questions.

1. Who played the solo in "While my Guitar gently weeps"
George Harrison
John Lennon
Eric Clapton
Keith Richards

2. How old was Yoko when John Died?
42 years old
52 years old
33 years old
47 years old

3. Which close friend of John's was the original host for the "Lost Lennon Tapes" radio series?
Albert Goldman
Ray Coleman
Eliot Mintz
Anthony Fawcett

4. What was the name of John's uncle who helped raise him?

5. What was one of John's favorite foods?
Cornflakes cereal
Bacon and eggs
Pizza with anchovies
Moroccan Cous Cous

6. Who taught John some banjo chords?
Paul McCartney
Mike Nesmith
Waylon Jennings
His mother

7. What was John's "Hur" coat made of?
Hog Fur
Human Hair

8. Where did John Lennon meet Yoko Ono?
The Cavern Club
Apple Studios
Liverpool Art College
Indica Gallery

9. Which Beatle almost botches his line in the film "HELP!" when he's talking to the Superintendant?

10. Which of the following early Lennon/McCartney songs was NOT performed at The Beatles' audition for Decca Records on January 1, 1962?
"Like Dreamers Do"
"Hello Little Girl"
"In Spite of All the Danger"
"Love of the Loved"

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