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Test your knowledge of John Lennon and Beatles trivia by answering the following 10 questions selected at random from a database of 314 questions.

1. What is the full name of John Lennon's first son?
John Charles Julian Lennon
Sean Taro Ono Lennon
Julian Charles Alfred Lennon
Sean Ono Lennon

2. In which of these songs does John sing lead?
"Yes It Is"
"She Said, She Said"
"No Reply"
All of the above

3. Which *other* Beatle wife did John have a slight crush on (before she was married)?
Pattie Harrison
Linda McCartney
Maureen Starkey

4. What was the name of the school where John and Cynthia met?
Liverpool Art College
Liverpool A&M
Oxford University
Liverpool College of Music

5. What book by John Lennon was eventually adapted for the stage?
"A Spaniard in the works"
"Skywriting by Word of Mouth"
"The Lennon Diaries"
"In His Own Write"

6. What did Bob Dylan say to John Lennon after hearing the album "Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band" for the first time?
"That album made love to my ears."
"Times are truly changin'."
"I get it, you don't want to be cute anymore."

7. Which Beatle chews a stick of gum in the film "HELP!", and says it's not habit forming, "as long as you don't swallow it"?

8. What did John call their manager in "A Hard Days Night"?
A swine
A party pooper
Short stuff

9. What color are John's shoes on the cover of the "Abbey Road" album?
He's barefoot

10. What is the name of Ringo's second wife?

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