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Test your knowledge of John Lennon and Beatles trivia by answering the following 10 questions selected at random from a database of 314 questions.

1. In the early days of the Beatles, how was John billed?
Bass Guitarist
Lead Guitarist
Rhythm Guitarist

2. What was the first record by The Beatles released in the U.S.?
"My Bonnie"
"I Want To Hold Your Hand"
"Love Me Do"
"Please Please Me"

3. Who first gave the Beatles LSD?
Mal Evans
George Martin
Bob Dylan
George's dentist

4. John is holding what during the live action sequence at the end of "Yellow Submarine"?
Half a hole
Nine iron to hit Blue Meanies with

5. What was the working title of The Beatles' song "It's Only Love"?
"Don't Dig No Pakastanis"
"Auntie Gin's Theme"
"The Void"
"That's a Nice Hat"

6. What club did The Beatles first play in Hamburg, Germany?
The Indra
The Star-Club
The Top Ten club
The Kaiserkeller

7. Who did John regard as his two greatest partners?
Paul McCartney and Stuart Sutcliffe
Paul McCartney and George Harrison
Elton John and Yoko Ono
Paul McCartney and Yoko Ono

8. According to the "Paul Is Dead" myth, The Beatles' clothing on their album "Abbey Road" represents certain figures; what is George supposed to be?
A priest
A gravedigger
A Christ-like figure
The corpse

9. Who released the single "That's My Life (My Love and My Home)"?
Cilla Black
Legs Larry Smith
Alfred Lennon
Nick Gravenites

10. While in Hamburg, the Beatles bet Rory Storm and the Hurricanes that they could do this before the Hurricanes could.
Break the rickety old stage they were perfoming on
Sell out the club
Get the most gigs in Hamburg
Play the most hours on stage without a break

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