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Test your knowledge of John Lennon and Beatles trivia by answering the following 10 questions selected at random from a database of 314 questions.

1. Who played the solo in "While my Guitar gently weeps"
George Harrison
John Lennon
Eric Clapton
Keith Richards

2. Who were the "Nurk Twins"?
Paul McCartney and Stuart Sutcliffe
John Lennon and Stuart Sutcliffe
John Lennon and Paul McCartney
Fred and Ted Nurk

3. Zak Starky, son of Ringo Starr, served as the drummer on which band's 1996/1997 tour?
The Rolling Stones
Led Zeppelin
The Monkees
The Who

4. What kind of guitar did John use in The Beatles' "Paperback Writer" promo film?

5. Which of these is NOT a short film by John Lennon & Yoko Ono?
"Up Your Legs Forever"

6. How old was Paul when he wrote the song "I'll Follow The Sun"?

7. "Frere Jacques" is the background vocal to what Beatles song?
"I'm Only Sleeping"
"Paperback Writer"
"Here, There, & Everywhere"

8. Who thought of the title, "A Hard Day's Night"?
John Lennon
Ringo Starr
Brian Epstein
Paul McCartney

9. What was John's only #1 hit song as a solo artist while alive?
"Whatever Gets You Through The Night"
"Mind Games"

10. What Paul McCartney song does John refer to in the song "How Do You Sleep", as "the only thing you done was..."?
"Eleanor Rigby"
"Here, There, and Everywhere"
"Let it Be"

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