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Twenty years. That's how long it's been since John Lennon was murdered outside his home in New York City. To some, it seems like a lifetime ago. To others, it seems like yesterday. Either way, the world has not been the same since. Here is what Bagism visitors had to say in remembrance of John Lennon on this twentieth anniversary of his premature death.


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Dec 7, 2000
El Pto de Sta MarÌa, AVDA/de la paz, 5. C·diz. 11500. Spain
**John Lennon 1940 ñ ????** I have been admiring to a beautiful and big man, that I hope will never fall into oblivion, a person who was killed just for give us his opinion, be sincere with himself and be sincere with all the world and be realist in the way of living his life. A man who was court and called crazy just for defend the people, peace and love, something that I believe that we must still fighting for, and who was also loved for millions of people that defend and understand him. I only want to ask you to listen what he wanted to demonstrate and teach us with his messages. John Lennon was a man that changed the world and died just when he was meeting him. Unfortunately I see how the world has been changing, the actually young people don¥t fight for what we want: peace, love, respect and liberty, all together can still moving the world, thinking about why are here, for hate and not for love? Or decide help us with peace?. You can think that I have no reason and you can call me crazy or really listen the reality. Thanks for this space and thanks to all the people that still fighting for his/her dreams and being him/herself all the moment. All the people can write me at this address. Remember LOVE (Lennon), we all shine on... Keep on peace-ing!! MARINA ( ( AVDA/De la paz, 5 El Pto de Sta MarÌa C·diz. 11500. SPAIN.

Dec 7, 2000
20 years... I was watching the Behind the music special the other night.It was grim, very grim. And whenever I watch these types of shows about the murder, it brings back all those terrible memories.I always tear up at that point where everyone's outside the Dakota after finding out what had happened. Because I know just how they felt. What's harder to understand is why It still affects me so much 20 years later. And I'm not a particularly wimpy pushover type of a guy either. I think it bothers me so much, because I was a kid in the 60's. The Beatles were like playtime for me. They made me happy. They represented hope and the possibilities of a later time to come when I became an adult. And to have John ripped out of this world like he was made me feel as though my childhood died that night with him. Even though I was well into my 20's at the time. While I mourn for John, I'm also mourning the death of my childhood. My lost childhood that I'll never know that same way again. That night, something really changed in my outlook on life. I've lost people that were very close to me. Some of their loses left me struggling to come to terms with their deaths for years. Some of them died in tragic ways, and while it has all left a mark on me, for some reason John's death just shattered me to my very core. It's even harder to fathom when I realize I never even met the guy. I didn't really know him at all. But I think I reacted this way because of two things. As I said, his death was the day my childhood innocence really died. I REALLY woke up that day.I learned a hard lesson in the realities of life and premature loss. Even though I was far from being an innocent. And maybe because I did at least have a chance to interact with the people I knew personally, I feel they knew I cared for them and loved them. But I couldn't tell that to John. I couldn't call him up and say "Thanks man for all the great things you did for me. Thanks for those songs bud! Thanks for a laugh and a another way to look at life! Thanks for making it possible for me grow my long god damed hair and get girls with it and making it cool in the process! Thanks for helping make this world what it is today!" So I felt a strange sort of guilt at not being able to do that. Maybe had I known him personally, all his bad points would have evened it out for me. But he just seemed like such a positive kinda guy even with his flaws...ESPECIALLY with his flaws.. Maybe that's what makes his death so sad for me. I know one thing, I'll never forget Dec. 8th as long as I live. At one time, I thought I would have by now. But now it's clear to me, this sore spot is gonna stay with me to the end. Someone on that Behind the Music show said he didn't think John knew how many people cared about him. I know that's true, I was one who never got to tell him, but wished I could have. I love ya' Johnny. Wish you were here! Tim

Dec 7, 2000
knoxville, tn
everybody's talkin, bout bagism ragism, thism, thatism, ism ism ism all we are saying is give peace a chance. blessed are the peacemakers for they will be called the children of God.

Dec 7, 2000
Anna Fagundes
S“o Paulo, Brazil
We all shine on, in spite of all...true love never dies, and that's why you still linger on our minds. So shine on, Johnny!

Dec 7, 2000
Lennon Saves!

Dec 7, 2000
Imagine John Lennon living for today

Dec 7, 2000
Ohio, USA
John, you and the Beatles have brought a new sense of spirit to the music I listen to. The music itself and the messages in the lyrics. Even when I have heard your songs 100's of times I still get a little twing inside that tells me this was/ is something REALLY special and I am glad to be able to be a part of it all. Thanks to the Bagism site I have met many other people who are as deeply "in Love" with John/Beatles (many are more) as I. Thanks for all the memories JOHN LENNON! Nancy*S*

Dec 7, 2000
I have a band and where are we going? "To the top" and where's that? "To the toppermost of the poppermost!" Thanks for the ride John and I'll see ya on the other side...

Dec 7, 2000
John was the coolest. John wore sunglasses indoors, we knew how cool he was. John was a genius ,listen to the songs, we know he was a genius. John was the funniest listen to the 1966 christmas lp, we know how funny he was. John Lennon...forever.

Dec 7, 2000
Alles Dunkel der Welt vermag nicht das Leuchten einer Kerze zu verschlucken. Auch Johnny's Licht leuchtet weiter. Und wenn er auch vor 20 Jahren gegangen ist - er hat uns nie verlassen. Seine Seele lebt in unseren Seelen. Sein Geist in unseren K–pfen. Er hat die Welt ver”ndert, heute ist nicht mehr viel davon ¸brig. Menschen stehen nicht mehr f¸r ihre Ðberzeugung auf. Lasst den Geist der 60er nicht sterben. Verschlieþt nicht eure Augen vor dem Leiden der Welt und lasst euer Bewusstsein nicht f¸r seine Existenz abstumpfen (Buddha) Living is easy with eyes closed. Love & Peace heals the pain that hate brings to us. Don't let John die. For now he is still living.

Dec 7, 2000
New Jersey, USA
I play music and write songs because of two musicians, my father and John Lennon. They both have passed, but all their memories live on! For Lennon, I first heard of The Beatles on a small transistor radio one day, and my heart pounded along with the energy and freshness I heard. There is still no group or single artist that comes close to having what Lennon had. We are all just copiers. The real thing was Lennon, and I would have loved to hear what he would have recorded in the last 20 years. We have dedicated the month of December for Lennon's foundation that helps children, the elderly, and women in need. You can go to our site to see what we're doing. His dream must live on, as does his music. (Help!)

Dec 7, 2000
Long Tall Sally
Sherbrooke, Quebec
Rest in Peace John. We miss you and mourn your loss. Your music will live on forever. Bless you.

Dec 7, 2000
Sidirokastro, Greece
I just love John soooo much and I think he'll never die. He just cannot be forgotten after all he's done. We all love you Johnny, wherever you are you are here. We all shine on. ~Helena

Dec 7, 2000
jealous girl
"Love is a promise, love is a souvenir, once given never forgotten, never let it disappear." - John Lennon. This just totally applies to John, I think it's one of the most moving things he ever said. Whatever people are doing tomorrow, if you're going to Strawberry Fields or just listening to Imagine, I'm sure everybody will remember him. We luv ya Johnny!

Dec 7, 2000
Apple Corp word can say and mean so much. My 13 year old daughter's art class was asked to pick lyrics to a favourite song and then add pictures to it.....she chose Imagine....Mom is most proud :) Peace John!

Dec 7, 2000
In the measurement of time, 20 years is really a second. That is why losing John Lennon is still so shocking to me. Thank you for the great music and for standing for something when others wouldn't..You will always be loved and you will live on in my heart.

Dec 7, 2000
Loveland, CO
Although I was only nine months old at the time of his death, it is still an event which causes great confusion. It is absolutely inconcievable as to why someone would commit such a heinous act. I admire John for his honesty and wit. He seemed to be someone who would rather be honest about his feelings and situations rather than project a facade of contentment. That honesty is very admirable, especially in today's times. The music he wrote shaped a generation and continues to affect people to this day. The music he wrote is some of the most powerful and profound music ever written, and it was written in a way as to be accessable by all. Few artists can boast such a broad achievement. What can I say? He was incredible. He was a genuis. Who knows what might have been, but look at what he did accomplish. He reached so many, and still does. He will be missed. Rememeber love...

Dec 7, 2000
John, you are the spirit that helps me think positive each day of my life. Whenever I listen to your music (twice a week), I feel inspirational and thus an urgent need to want to give and contribute to humanity. I don't know if I (and I speak for many)could ever forgive that wacko who killed you. He is responsible for our loss. I think by doing that disgusting act, he wanted the whole world to suffer. Believe me John, I won't let him win! Even though physically you are not here, spiritually you are. We love You John!!!

Dec 7, 2000
Karen Kassulat
Munich, Germany
Dear fellow-John-Lennon-Fans, I was about to go to school when I heard the terrible news. I was very young but already a John Lennon Fan. Years later, all my feelings and hidden suffering emerged into a song, as I was trying to comfort myself by playing the guitar. I have published that song for this years memorial day. It is called "New York in December and you can listen to it on: I hope it can give you some comfort and hope. Peace and love from Karen

Dec 7, 2000
James VanVechten
RomeNewYork USA
Not a day has gone by I dont think about you and the Beatles.Have got to say you have always been there through trials ad tribulations,good and bad times,happy and sad times. Miss You

Dec 7, 2000
Jose Manuel Moreno
Vitoria - Spain
There¥s just one way to judge about a genius. Imagine there was no difficult if you try..... Thanks John for creating the soundtrack of my youth and dreams. God bless you.

Dec 7, 2000
Edwin Wendell Dean III
Marina, California, USA
Twenty years. It doesn't seem that long since a bullet took the life of John Lennon. It seemed as if his murder was some kind of unholy sacrifice, ushering in the reign of the Reagan/Bush Administration, who seemed hell-bent on undoing all of the positive accomplishments of the Sixties, as if John had sung that era into being, and without the singer, the song could no longer endure. Thank you, John, for helping us imagine.

Dec 7, 2000
Montevideo, Uruguay
You all know it. John changed our lives like no other. He left us with this unforgettable legacy which we will be grateful for forever and ever. As for me, he made me realize there are so many things in this world worth living and fighting for, and MUSIC is one of them. If only he could be here today to still make us learn the lesson. JOHN WE LUV YOU WHEREVER YOU ARE, YOU ARE HERE...ALWAYS (20 years is nothing!) "It is fear of the unknown, unknown is what it is. Accept that it's unknown and then it's plain sailing" J.L

Dec 7, 2000
L Rita
Columbia, MO USA
John, it is unbelievable that 20 years have passes since you left us. You have missed out on so much. I bet you would even have a good larf at the election stuff going on now. I miss you as the whole world does. You were special and nobody cannot really seem to fill the void you left. I love and miss you. L Rita

Dec 7, 2000
The first record I remember hearing on the radio was "She Loves You." The first record I purchased was "Meet the Beatles". I watched with 74,000,000 others while the artistry that is the Beatles played on the Ed Sullivan show. "Whatever Gets You Through the Night" was playing around the time of my mother's death in 1972. He was an enigma to me; he still is. He was as quick-witted as they come, but capable of deep reflection as he laid his soul open for us to examine. Paul, for all of his talent, could not have written "In My Life" or "Julia" because John, though he employed sarcasm as a weapon and could be incredibly cruel, was a romantic poet in the tradition of Lord Byron. "You may say I'm a Dreamer" and indeed he was. He helped all of us dream of a simpler, more peaceful world with his songwriting and his art. As long as his and The Beatles' music lives, his spirit will be with us and "the world (I Hope) will live as one."

Dec 7, 2000
Stratford, CT, USA
"Well we all shine on, Like the moon and the stars and the sun, Well we all shine on..."

Dec 7, 2000
Freehold, NJ
Well. What to say? John means....everything to me. His words are everything...hearing his words, or reading them, or what*ever* is like reading a reflection of what I'm feeling, or thinking. It makes me so sad to know that he's not actually walking on this planet with us, right now...but I know that he's here among us, anyway. He fulfilled his ultimate bring people together! One by one, people are joining in his day it'll be complete. =) Love you, John!

Dec 7, 2000
I'm a young John Lennon fan and i'm really really really SAD about his death.JOHN WE LOVE U.When I was reading one of my magazines I noticed it said that it was the 20th anaversery of John Lennons death I started sobbing just thinking about how he died.I really hope someday you'll join us and make the world one!!JOHN WE LOVE U!

Dec 7, 2000
Stuart Sutcliffe
It doesn't seem like 20 years, my mother was crying, my father took the day off work, when I asked what was wrong, they said John Lennon is dead, I said, WHO! The music I heard playing on the radio all that day, changed my life forever. Like many of John's fans, his songs speak directly to me and that is why he will never die musically. I suppose I have been luckier than most, I recently played John Lennon in a movie. I will never forget standing on stage at the Jacaranda, where you can touch the past. John sang through me that day, and i will never forget it, the emotions were so strong, the extras who formed the audience cried. So how will we get through the next twenty years, the same way we got here. Just listen to the music and he will be there.

Dec 7, 2000
Seattle, WA
John, something inside me died along with you that night. Never to be found again. Rest in peace.

Dec 7, 2000
Evansville, Indiana, USA
God, what can I say that will suffice? I'm a very young Lennon fan. I didn't even breathe air at the same time he did. Yet I feel a deep connection to him and his music. It's been there for me during the hardest times in my life, giving me comfort, hope, and a smile when I needed it. It was like a big, cosmic hug. Death does not part, only lack of love. I pray there will never be any lack of love for John. May he live forever. WE LOVE YOU JOHN!!!!!!

Dec 7, 2000
Chris Flanagan
San Francisco, CA
I was 10 years old when I heard a DJ come on the radio and say that John Lennon had been shot in New York. A chill ran down my spine. I had just begun to understand music and its deep emotional and spiritual meaning in our lives. Double Fantasy, John's last album, was on the airwaves and "Just Like Starting Over" would take me on a wonderful, melodic journey while making me think of the meaning behind the words. In the years to come I listened more and more to Lennon and in fact, became a Lennon fan before I became a Beatles fan. Looking back at all the beautiful, powerful, challenging music John offered us I can't help but feel incredibly grateful and happy at the fact that he was among us, that he lived and wrote and sang for us. Thank you John. You will always be loved and remembered. You will always be with us.

Dec 7, 2000
I am young John Lennon lover, yet i respect his music and what he has done for this world. John brought peace into a peaceless world in the sixties and 70's. His vision was to have a peacful world, and maybe if he was still physically here, there would be no more violence. His music and a different meaning to everyone , but yet everyone shared the same bond. He will always be the creater and preacher of peace, love and music. Thanks John for your endless contribution to this world.

Dec 7, 2000
Knoxville, TN, USA
I was 12 when John Lennon died. I grieve for him today as much as I did 20 years ago. The world is definately a better place today because John Lennon graced it for 40 years. Tomorrow I will greive for me but I will celebrate the life of a beautiful man. John wherever you are thanks for teaching me about world peace and to love mankind. Keep Rocking.

Dec 7, 2000
Toronto Ontario
John Lennon- Rock and Roll. dammit I miss you.

Dec 7, 2000
I was 4, living in New Jersey and i heard it over the radio in my grandparents car. i realised the loss, he is missed today when music means less and less. We love you John. Give peace a chance now.

Dec 7, 2000
C K Koay
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
I am listening now to "Imagine" on my PC as I write this and I think that his death was such a great loss to the human race- never before, and probably never again, will come someone who is so emotionally honest in his songs. John, you came too late and went too soon.

Dec 7, 2000
Nowhere man(geoffroy)
A tout les fans de john lennon et/ou des beatles qui parlent pas anglais... je trouve moi aussi la mort de john lennon.... mais un fait non plus rÈjouissant, c'est qu'il y a trop de monde qui s'en foute.... «a devrait Ítre une journÈe de deuil internationnale.... Moi, je suis un jeune de 15 ans, alors j'Ètait pas la quand il est mort, pis encore moi quand il Ètait vivant..... et je ne peux que le connaitre que par des vidÈos,des disques, des commentaires des gens de l'Èpoque..... et quel Èpoque, je crois que le temps aurait du s'arrÍtÈ en 1969, juste pendant woodstock... avant la mort de janis joplin, avant la mort de jimi hendrix, AVANT LA MORT DE JOHN LENNON Salut..... p.s. si j,Ètait pas oubligÈ de m'habillÈ en uniforme d'Ècole, demain, je serais tout en noir.... resalut

Dec 7, 2000
Dear John:I miss your music and your influence as a current living artist.God!!! has it really been 20 years?I have now had a longer life than you, but,thats not to say a better one.At times it seems the world has learned nothing from you.At times it seems as if you never were born and we that love you are looked upon by a cynical world of blue meanies as nothing more than idiots not in touch with the real world.Well maybe thats not such a bad thing at last.The way the world has gone in the last 20 years certainly calls for us all to GIVE PEACE A CHANCE.Iam very glad that to have lived in the same life cycle as you.Ive said it before and will repeat it now that you were the brother I never had.When you died my innocence did too.When I play your music its not when I want to remember but its when I want to hear an example of the best music ever written by anyone anywhere anytime.So I guess you are still a living influence on me and a whole lot of others.Thank You John From a very good fan of yours Steve

Dec 7, 2000
Pittsburgh, PA
John, I was supposed to be at the place where you were tragically ripped way from the world tomorrow night. But, well, circumstances bite. Nothing I can say will be able to represent the pain the world goes through eery Dec. 8th. Eric Clapton was right when he said "There will be no more tears in heaven". All the tears are here on earth and all the tears are shed for you. I love you, John Lennon. Yours Forever, Anna

Dec 7, 2000
Dearborn, MI.
dear john: We can only imagine what the world be like today if you were alive. You are physically not here anymore, but i can assure you that you will always be remembered in our hearts and our spirits. I love you from the bottom of my heart. Peace xxxxx

Dec 7, 2000
Johnny Savage
Berkeley CA
John was not a perfect person by any means. But as I imagine what he might have written, spoken or sung in the last 20 years, given all the tremendous changes, triumphs and tragedies, my heart just aches. Gone from this place at 40 years of age, John Lennon's murder negated future opportunities to receive that rarest of gifts: love, mercy and honesty.

Dec 7, 2000
yvon neveu
Val d`Or,Quebec,Canada

Dec 7, 2000
Dallas Texas
It still seems like just yestrday that you were taken from this world, John.You and your music will always be a very big part of my life.God be with you and your family.

Dec 7, 2000
Boulder, CO
He may have died 5 years before I was even born, but John has impacted my life none the less. Only in this world could someone who wanted peace so much have been killed by such a senseless act of violence. John, although you are not here, you have taught me so much, and I know I have yet to learn more from you. You will live on until the peace that you hoped for is achieved, and I know you are guiding those of us who want to help win it. May your legacy and your soul remain with us forever, even though you physically cannot. Love always, Laila

Dec 7, 2000
Cleveland, Ohio, USA
Yoko said it best: When Lennon was shot, "for the people of the world, it was as though the light went out for a moment and darkness prevailed."

Dec 7, 2000
Abbey Hambright
Yellow Springs, OH
John, your legacy stays with us always and we are greatful that you had the courage to share yourself with all of humankind. Although you may not be with us in body anymore, that gift you left for us will never leave or spirits and hearts.

Dec 7, 2000
Eleanor Rigby
West Lafayette, IN
you said it best, you must have known..."we all shine on, like the moon and the stars and the sun" will always shine, john...

Dec 7, 2000
No one can ever erase the impact you've made, it will always be with us and we will remember it for what it is, creative genius. Thank you, we will continue to remember you, always.

Dec 7, 2000
dear, john, ha!i wrote it like u really could read it and know it but in any case dear john.i am only fifteen years old and i am from a country u probably never expected your fan to be.i am from russia.john, we have such a bad time in russia right now and actually we always have it, but one of the only things which saved during this awful life was U.I quess everybody who is here understands me.i don't remember when i firstly heard the beatles and what it was. a close friend of mine listened to them, so i tryed to fit.i was percecuted for my love ;later and u know why, but i also found great friends and thank u , john for it, everything i ever thought have already been thought by u, evferything i ever did seems to be about u.u never was categoric.there is so many things about u i am not able to understand, but i still love u so much. it feels so bad, that i was born to late for u, i wish i could talk to someone really smart.but first they crucified christ and then they took u. it is my third sad 8th of december and i simply want u to know today how much i love u , how much we love u, how much u mean for us and how much we miss u. donot forget about us- u also was a human though a "god" created by people as all second rate with your agnia and misha and dean and lyosha and LA us if u can.or ask god- i know this guy wanted to talk to u too much, that is why he took u so early- to help us.and thank u for us for our personalities which willnever exist without u.

Dec 7, 2000
Father John, i don't know what to say except that i love you and always will. I shall always hold a special place in my heart for you...

Dec 7, 2000
blanmi winston stanley
dear john, you are an inspiration in my life, you¥re almos my God,but i know we will know each other in paradise....... and people......give peace a chance

Dec 7, 2000
Swetha Rajan
John and have powered my mind. Thank you.

Dec 7, 2000
mpls, MN usa
johny, johnny, johnny!!! I HATE YOU, YOU FUCK CUZ U HAD 2 GO AND DIE!!! NOW EVERYTHINGS FUCKED!! LITTLE KIDS ARE KILLIN' EACH OTHER jOHNNY!! the big music is all abuot violence and hate and prejudice!! it's nuts man. would'nt be this way if u had kePT on!! you fucker, why'd u have 2 die!!!

Dec 7, 2000
Mary Ann Pec
Chicago, IL, USA
John, It is hard to believe that 20 years has passed since your passing on that cold December day in 1980. John, people have not forgotten you by no means. Instead, people who grew up with you and their children listen to the songs of peace and love that you wrote many a time ago. You still influence and inspire people even twenty years following your death. If the person who pulled trigger thought that your death would end your influence and involvement in people's lives, that person was very mistaken. Rather your star shines even brighter than before. John, you are still in the hearts and minds of the people. John, you still influence and inspire me.

Dec 7, 2000
Francis Lossignol
I'm 49 years old, and my philosophy of life is based on John Lennon impact in the music industry. He really open my eyes on a lot of subjects.He made me appreciate the fine subtilities of melodies and lyrics, he raised all these questions about man's conditions here on earth. His love for yoko showed us what love really is. He's the man of his time, and will never be forgotten.

Dec 7, 2000
God bless you, John and thank you .

Dec 8, 2000
David Hynes
From viewing this site its good to know that John's plea to "stand by me" has been heeded. I am very ambivalent about 8 December, on the one hand a day of remembrance of musical genius, limitless compassion and of a great resolve to demonstrate that even one person can make a difference in a world that is so often filled with avarice, indifference and negativity and on the other hand, extraordinary grief at the loss of a friend-one whom I never even met but yet who has been with me for a long long time and, I believe, will be with me into the future-whatever that may hold. The mystic and poet William Blake wrote over 200 years ago a poem which for me expresses exactly what John was on about, "And we are put on earth a little space That we may learn to bear the beams of love" Surely that is what John was, a beacon of light- a beam of love enriching and enobling all those touched by it.God bless, John. Your friend.

Dec 8, 2000
North California
Everybody's talkin' 'bout elections, erections, inspections, rejections, absentees, you and me, can't you see? All we are saying is Give Peace a Chance!

Dec 8, 2000
The world is an empty garden without you Johnny!!! We love you.

Dec 8, 2000
El Troppo
Thinking of you John...I love you still... ~SONG FOR JOHN~ This is a story bout a friend of mine yes and how as he grew the more he changed our minds with love...yeah love... He started rocking and he hit the top you see the art of talking he turned into pop for love...yeah love... (...chorus#1... Yes he imagined we could change our heads well well do you remember what he said... that all we need to keep the world alive is love or would you rather see it dead...) He sang the war is over if you want it now exclaiming that to hatred we should never bow so love...yeah love... The man said you're a loser son you should not stay you got no right to choose here better hide away your love...yo' love.. (...chorus#2... Can you remember what the walrus said well well you know we better change our heads... The world is turning it ain't turning red so you know we better keep it fed...) He felt so isolated that he had to scream he cried at what he hated but he kept his dreams of love...yeah love... He found out brother when you feel your pain it ain't ever gotta hurt again with love...yeah love... (...#1... Yes he imagined we could change our heads well well do you remember what he said... that all we need to keep the world alive is love or would you rather see it dead...) This rockin daddy yea he had a son he told his mama they could be as one in love...yeah love... He started over said they planned to stay then out the blue his life was swept away with love... (...#2... Can you remember what the walrus said well well you know we better change our heads... The world is turning it ain't turning red so you know we better keep it fed...)...C.C...:)O(:

Dec 8, 2000
Sal Paradise
Nova Scotia, Canada
What would have these past twenty years have been like with your wit and wisdom there to provide commentary and vision to a world that continues to struggle? But even in death you have somehow remained as relevant these past twenty years as you ever had. The flesh is mortal but the spirit lives on. Thank you for your wonderful spirit.

Dec 8, 2000
Normal, Illinois
I know in some interview you said that you will always say how you feel about something, no matter what. Well, okay...I say what I feel right now on the day you were prematurely taken away from us...John, I miss you very much and still love'll always "shine on." All You Need Is Love, Kristi

Dec 8, 2000
Polythene Pam
Vancouver, British Columbia
John, I was not born yet when you and The Beatles were around and I was not even born yet when you were taken away from this world, I was still 2 years away. I always thought of how wonderful it would have been to have experienced Beatlemania and all of your work when it was fresh and new. Then December 8th comes and I am glad that I wasn't around because then I would have had to have heard the news of your death the day it happened, and I don't know how I would have handled it. I am happy knowing of all that you created and even though I wasn't here the day it was released, each time I listen to or read or watch your work it is always as exciting as the first time. I smile all the way through "A Hard Days' Night", it is a great film, and I get chills when I hear your voice on "A Day In The Life". Your books make me laugh and not a day goes by that I don't hear your songs and each time I hear them I can't help but smile. There is nothing that can lift up ones spirit more then your spirit coming across through your music. You are the greatest inspiration that has or ever could come upon me. Thank you for all that you strived to achieve over the years, whether it be for peace or through your songs or art, each is genius in how you created it. I remember you everyday, but tomorrow it will be in a different way. I hope your work continues to grow in the souls of others as it has in mine. God Bless you John "His death is a loss from which we have yet to recover--as if we ever could. His work inspires and consoles, but there is one sad truth it cannot change: We shall not look upon his like again." Anthony DeCurtis

Dec 8, 2000
Damn! 20 years since you bailed on me man. I remember being a little kid in the '60's watching the Beatles cartoon show faithfully every Saturday morning thats when I became a fan of your music and you became my hero. In the 70's when everyone else was buying records by Styx and Forienger I was saving my allowence for Rubber Soul and Revolver. A few hours before I heard you left us I was at the mall thumbing through a Beatles book. Now here I am a few months before my 40th birthday and 4 out the five CD's in my player are your music. And soon I will break out my 25 year old 45 of Happy Xmas. John I cant tell how many times in my life I have turned off my mind, relaxed and floated downstream to your music and vision. Thanks for everything man. Your still my hero.

Dec 8, 2000
Paitoon Khoskitchalert
Bangkok, Thailand
This morning i had blood donation in hospital. I was so happy I did something for someone who i've never met. I hope the good thing i've done will be sent to you. Actually Thai People believe in Karma and Virtue. John,You wrote many good songs which i love and feel extreamly happy everytime i've lenten to for almost 10 years. I miss you and promise i will never forget to do the good thing for you for life if i have a chance. Paitoon and Friends

Dec 8, 2000
Iowa, US
What can I say to make my emotions come across as strong as they are inside of me? It's so frustrating being a Beatles/John Lennon fan after the whole incident happened...There's no closure! It's so painful to watch anything about the incident on TV...The tears always start flowing at the very mention of what happened that horrible, bitter cold December night. It's so hard to explain to other people too... What can I say except for the fact that it's so weird to live in a reality in which John Lennon never even lived! It makes me want to scream!

Dec 8, 2000
Ann McEntee
Quebec, Canada
Dear John: How to thank you for all you have given us through your empathic, thought-provoking and highly creative output, for being you, and for emancipating the masses through your vast, truthful, and substantive repertoire. 20 years ago today we lost a very special man, a believer in humankind, a humanist, a man who stood for what he believed in, paving the way for future generations in a most positive fashion. Your message and honesty continue to ring throughout the universe John, and your vision burns brightly. God Bless you, you are dearly missed on this the 20th anniversary of your passing. This world was lucky you were born. Love, Ann McEntee & Michael Jass "May God bless and keep you always, May your song always be sung, And may you stay forever young" Mr. Bob Dylan "Perhaps my best years are gone, but I wouldn't want them back not with the fire in me now" Mr. Samuel Beckett

Dec 8, 2000
John. i am forever thankful you made me cry. i was always there, but never here until you helped me realize. it was you. selflessness. pleasent debt. could someone else have done the same? it would not have been so fun or exciting or tragic. underestimated and misunderstood. you are now a symbol, flattering only because it is one of Love and Peace. more religious beyond belief. the world misses you. i miss you dearly. it's odd really.... to the toppermost of the poppermost

Dec 8, 2000
Santa Ana, CA
In the 60's, as a young teen growing up in Northern England, I loved John because everyone else I knew was in love with Paul. As I matured, I saw the relevence of his music to our time. A time where we lived in the daily reality of a nuclear war, where every minute of every day could be your last on earth...but there was John, and the Beatles. In 1980 I was living in (then) West Germany and John had just released Double Fantasy. Finally, he was back and at the top of his craft. On November 30, 1980 I emigrated to the USA, even though I had an underlying fear of the "violence of America" (perceived and/or real?). I still was suffering from jetlag 9 days later....December 8, 1980.....and was sitting watching The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson.... ...."We interrupt this program......John Lennon has been SHOT!!!" Ok, ok, but he's John Lennon, my favorite Beatle; the one who made the teen years bearable, he'll be ok, RIGHT? Was it minutes, hours, or the next day before the horrible reality was made available??? He's DEAD! He's GONE FOREVER! You sang "All You Need Is Love" but every December 8th for the last 20 years, I remember a beautiful human being who was taken from us much to soon. So, here it is again, another anniversary, and I will play my Double Fantasy album again and fantasize that you are still with us in body, as well as in Spirit. "So this is Christmas, and WHAT have we done?" Love Wendy

Dec 8, 2000
gabriel garcÏa lara
valdivia; chile

Dec 8, 2000
Glenn Niemi
As a musician and fan I was very shocked and saddened the day John Lennon died. I went out and bought every magazine I could which featured articles about John. I still have them. I would like to inform you of a Canadian tribute song to John entitled "Almost Touch The Sky" by Kevin Waara. It can be downloaded for free from

Dec 8, 2000
Since I am only 20 years old, I don't remember the night John died- However, I am so grateful to have discovered the Beatles, and John especially. His songs have comforted me, brought me joy, and expressed almost every other emotion I can think of. I wish I could be in New York right now, celebrating his all-to-brief life with other fans, but as it is I will just have to share with all of you! We were lucky to have John, his messages of love, peace, and acceptance will live on for eternity in his music. Today, celebrate John's life, but pause for a brief second to Imagine what might have been. Peace, Jessica P.S.- Happy Christmas to all a few weeks early!

Dec 8, 2000
Christian Garmany
Phoenix, Az
Dearest John, I'm sitting here watching the candle I lit for you glimmer under your picture, and listening to the beautiful gifts of music that you've given the world. I feel your spirit with me now, just like I always do. Your soul is bigger than life and transcends all earthly boundries. Even though you've left this world physically, I know that you are alive within each and every one of us who believe. We who believe in everything you stand for, every piece of art that you have given us, but most of all who simply believe in YOU. As much as your spirit still lives on, I can't help but wish you were still physically with us here on earth. The world is a better place because of you, and I can't even imagine how many wonderful things you would have done if you were still here. There's a massive void where you once one could ever take your place. I just want to thank you for all that you've given us, I can't express in words how grateful I am to have your music in my life. No matter how dark the clouds may get in my world, you songs always make the sun come shining through and make me feel at home. Your words and music never fail to show me that I'm not alone, and give me the faith to go on. Thank you so much, from the bottom of my heart. We all miss you so much John, and wish so badly that you were still here on earth. I believe I can speak for all your fans in saying that we will NEVER forget you, and your life and legacy will always be alive within us. I love you john.....

Dec 8, 2000
Lake tahoe Nevada, USA
John, you have saved us all. I miss you everyday. Your message of love is the ultimate truth, and the world is a better place because of it. I believe in something better than this, and I believe that one day we will meet again. And I think it will be the most beautiful thing to hear all of the new songs you have been writing. love, Michael

Dec 8, 2000
Bradford, West Yorkshire
Remembering you today Big Fella. I started the day listening to 'A shot of rhythm and blues'- just the thing for a dull, dark, rainy morning in Bradford - and danced down the road to work. Thanks for your honesty and truth REMEMBER LOVE // 0-0 \ xxxxxxxxxxxx

Dec 8, 2000
I was only 10 when John Lennon died. I was brought up listening to his music and watching Beatles films. He was my Mum's favourite Beatle, and he is mine too. I miss him now more than ever, I was too young to miss him then. We only know what we have when they're gone. We should try to appreciate what and who we have right now. We should try to bring Peace into our lives in any way possible. I didn't know you, John, but I'll be remembering you and what you stood for. Give Peace a chance!

Dec 8, 2000
Johnny P.
i was in the 3rd grade comin home from school and found my eldest brother crying ....the news broke out that John was shot to death....i was pretty familiar with beatles songs but wasnt an actual fan. after his death......i started to get serious in the guitar again became religious in collecting beatles cassetes....(i only had Help and A hard days night).......from then on....I became a major Lennon fan. My sorrow for his absence didnt sink in after a few years from the time of his death...He will always influence me and my music!!

Dec 8, 2000
New Jersey
Every December 8th is hard for those of us who love you, John. I can't even begin to tell you how much we miss you. You are a part of me forever......peace

Dec 8, 2000
Munich, Germany
20 years ago...I even wasn't born, but John's music touched my heart and I'll remember him forever.

Dec 8, 2000
Dearborn, MI.
dear john, when you said "imagine" we joined you and believed that the world should be as one. when you said "power to the people" we raised our fists in the air and shouted it out when you said "give peace a chance" we did just that and more we did all that because you said so.. we did it only because we love you..and now that you're gone, we miss you much and hope that you would be here again to tell us more. dear bagists, remember john today, tomorrow and forever..his loss is something we cannot take... but remember when he said "don't let me down"..don't let john down...remember him for all the positive things he influenced us with...and remember that he loved us..and taught us how precious love is. i know love now..and all the love today goes to you john...and we will never let you down peace:)

Dec 8, 2000
RIP, John - You¥ll never be forgotten. Love is stronger than death!

Dec 8, 2000
Steve J
God bless the soul of the man who inspired us all in so many ways. We all miss you John, wherever you are. Only the best die young I guess

Dec 8, 2000
john never will die in our hearts

Dec 8, 2000
Blackwood, NJ
Magical, mysterious dreamer in my life, comes together in our hearts. All he was saying was to make it all real. The dream is about to start. Love me do. You know who said it. Love you too. Oh yeah, he meant it. All you need is... We've got to have it. That special magic. ..Love. Want World Love Dedicated to all my brothers and sisters here at Bagism in honor of John Lennon whose music keeps us all together. Peace and Love Everyone, Eggie Go to:

Dec 8, 2000
I was nine years old when I was waked up in the morning by the news in the radio, as usual. But this morning 20 years ago I realized, maybe still dreaming, that something unusual had happened. Imagine...

Dec 8, 2000
Karl Valk
Dear John, In rememberance of this particular day (!) I'd like to IMAGIN what music would be like if that lunatic would not have taken your inspiration away..... Why would I hate the AMERICAN SPIRIT so much? But be sure, you still inspire us for a better life. Whenever, say hello to your Yoko, and still: thank you !!!!

Dec 8, 2000
Ian Buchanan
The first memory I have of this world is hearing that John Lennon had been shot. I was 4. Rest in the Peace you tried to make here. "After the darkest storms" said Peace, "Comes the brightest sun."

Dec 8, 2000
Will Person
Austin, Texas
The music lives forever, everytime we hear a Lennon song for the rest of our lives, we know that we were a part of something very important in history. I will always be able to summon that feeling I had that horrible day 20 years ago and use it to measure the worth of life. Was it just a dream ? God Bless John Lennon

Dec 8, 2000
Canberra, Australia
John, when you left I was only 11 months old, far too young to understand why you were taken from us. I still don't. They say everyone has seven pivotal moments in their life, and discovering the Beatles was undoubtedly one of mine. Never before had anything or anyone so amazed me, and never had my life been so changed. I feel genuinely privileged to have been touched by the everlasting afterglow of the greatest band in history. You're so much a part of my life I feel I know you, and I know I love you. When I feel fine, nothing beats the Beatles full blast and the world at my feet. When I'm plagued by blue meanies, nothing lifts me more than the knowledge that you'll always be there, on your immortal throne. The world is a poorer place for having lost you, but we are all richer people for having known you. Shine on, Clare.

Dec 8, 2000
Take it easy John, wherever you are. I look forward to listeneing to your work for many more years, as most of my life has your songs as the soundtrack. Now i can sing my heart instead of speak my mind, and for that i'm grateful. See ya later O'Boogie, ya scouser!!

Dec 8, 2000
I was only almost 5 months when John was killed. Imagine that! but im one of the number fans in the world. I really like him, in fact, i adore him so much. I read books, articles and listen to his musics a lot. Imagine if he is not dead right now...he'll be still trying his best to "Give Peace a Chane" Does anyone know where he was buried so i can pay some respect? cutie


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