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If you have any questions after using FrameShop, please look here to see if your question is answered. If you still can't find an adequate answer, take a look at the Resources page for links to lots of other helpful pages. Between work and graduate school, I am extremely busy and do not have time to answer every email I receive. Please try to find the answer on your own before contacting me. If you do need to contact me, send email to frameshop "at"

* How can I make a page load in a different frame when I click on the link.
First, you need to give a name to the frame you want to load documents in (the name can be anything you want, but must begin with a number or a letter):

<FRAME SRC="index.html" NAME="name_of_frame">

Then, you need to add TARGET="name_of_frame" to your link like this:

<A HREF="document.html" TARGET="name_of_frame">Load Document in Main Frame</A>

* How do you make a link load in the full window (also known as escaping or hiding frames)?
Just add TARGET="_top" to your link like this:

<A HREF="noframes.html" TARGET="_top">Hide Frames</A>

* Can you take a look at my web page and tell me what's wrong?
No, I am too busy. Take a look at the Resources page for additional help.

* Is there a version of FrameShop that I can use without an Internet connection?
No, I have not created such a program. Perhaps someone else already has, but I'm not sure.

* Can I have a copy of the FrameShop program?
Sure, make me an offer ;)

* Can I mirror the FrameShop program on my server?
I used to have multiple mirrors of FrameShop, but it became too much of a hassle maintaining all of them. I prefer to keep it on one server only.

* Can I make a link to FrameShop?
Of course! Please use the URL of the main site at:

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Frequently Asked Questions
Updated on Feb 28, 1999