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Re: Alex Jones/InfoWars & capitalism

Posted by **SurSteven** on Mar 3, 2018 at 2:17:14 PM:
In Reply to: Alex Jones/InfoWars & capitalism posted by **Rumor** on Mar 2, 2018 at 4:58:26 PM:

*Alex Jones and InfoWars, for all the laughs we have about them, are actually a really despicable and dangerous group. InfoWars is nothing other than a get-rich scheme.
*By peddling absurd conspiracy theories about a complex and confusing world to extremely naive, pathetic people looking for clarity in a world they don’t understand, Alex cultivates an audience of useful dupes that are infinitely more likely to fall for his cynical marketing ploys and silly, useless products. He is a multi-millionaire who profits off pushing an incoherent, deceitful version of the world which gives gullible fools a sense of superiority (with respect to understanding how things “really are”) without having to put in any of the work required to *actually* understand the world and civilization’s machinations.
*Now, making money off sad, confused, desperate people is already gross. But that’s just regular old consumer capitalism. Nothing unique about that. But what makes InfoWars different is that it creates a base of people who not only effect our political system by being a voting block, by sadly parenting children, by spreading conspiracies online, etc., but it also cultivates an army of assholes who, when something like Sandy Hook or Parkland happens, organize to call, harass, and THREATEN the parents of dead children because Alex and his team at InfoWars has convinced them that these grieving families are all “crisis actors” and these shootings are “false flags” perpetuated by the government.
*Trump’s administration, an absurd, incoherent, pathetic administration from any objective viewpoint, has not only benefited enormously from these clowns, but in the process has elevated Alex and InfoWars in our popular culture; pushing even more people in his direction and giving him some weird sense of legitimacy while simultaneously denouncing everything else as “fake news” (and irony doesn’t get more stark than that).
*I’ve often talked about how conspiratorial thinking is essential for right wing America, since their idea of the world isn’t conducive to how the world actually is and that cognitive dissonance needs to be rationalized in some way. But we should never forget how dangerous this really is, and how, ultimately, it’s a manifestation of the underlying capitalist system which promotes (nay, REQUIRES) greed, deceit, amorality, and brutal manipulation in order to perpetuate itself.


Here's another one who dupes his listener's out of 70 million a year by playing their demagogue. I refer to him as "The American Voice Of The Whrite Reich Wing Party" and "The Original SUPER DUPER" You can hear his values here from his show on Feb. 26th, where he clearly implies that Rightwing "Elected Officials" are of a far greater and superior importance than any American High School Student could ever be!!! From around... 5:30 to 6:30

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