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Re: Time to cue the....

Posted by **Winston OBoogie** on Feb 18, 2018 at 10:39:54 PM:
In Reply to: Re: Time to cue the.... posted by **pycb** on Feb 18, 2018 at 11:16:53 AM:

**We don't really have a gun problem. We have a people problem, people who have a lack of heart and soul problem, people who have no proper upbringing problem, people who have no respect for human life problem, and yes a people mental health problem.
**It's so much easier for people to blame an inanimate object rather than those that are holding it.When we start paying better attention to things some people say on social media, or listen to what people are saying to others that send up a red flag (as the case was in this latest tragic shooting) and do something about it, then perhaps there may eventually be a solution. But of course we'll need an FBI that can actually follow up on tips too, when people bring these things to their attention. In this latest school shooting someone actually got their attention about this kid but nobody did anything to stop it. Until we change our approach to the issue, it is not likely to change anytime soon.
*Winnie - I use to kinda take the same stance. However it is getting just to problematic.
*Simply using what you posted above acknowledging a "people problem:.. If we can't correct that *& I doubt we can) - would it not be better than to eliminate the item that "people with a problem" seem to use to externalize that "problem"?
*I have no problem with responsible gun ownership by responsible people = however................
*This article did make me think & just may have changed my mind.
*I Love Fucking Guns
*Take a read - an honest read & keep an open mind.

I read the article and I do see some of the points he makes,
I agree we don't really need to have an AR-15 for hunting or sport. But if not for the AR-15 there, it would undoubtedly be another weapon that would also be chosen to be picked out.
If someone has gun violence on their mind, they'll just use another or similar weapon like the guy down in Florida that shot up that disco. People mistakenly say it was an AR-15 also but it wasn't. It was a Sig Sauer that is still available through many gun dealers like Cabela's. These crazies were attracted to them merely because they looked like military weapons.

That's why I say it's not the guns. They are inanimate objects and cannot do anything without the assistance of a person.
The key lies in EDUCATION and perhaps more comprehensive background checks. Recognizing red flags and saying/doing something about them. And where does that education begin?

With parents in the home. The same place that most children get educated about things like respect, tolerance, and courtesy towards others. Learning about responsibility and what happens when you don't act responsibly.

The kid that killed those kids in Florida didn't get any of that
Nobody cared enough, nobody paid attention.

We can no longer afford not to pay attention.

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