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Re: Time to cue the....

Posted by **backbeat** on Feb 15, 2018 at 7:26:40 PM:
In Reply to: Re: Time to cue the.... posted by **pycb** on Feb 15, 2018 at 6:05:41 PM:

**What happened pains me..............
**The fact that it continues to happen - pains me even more. I'm not sure what the answer is. Perhaps more gun control is warranted. Are the current laws too lenient or not strict enough?
**Or is it a simple matter that current laws are not fully enforced? I leave it up to others to answer that.
**However is this to consider.)
**Perchance might it be our fault? Did we go wrong with our children?
*dang the s

i see what you're saying - and the article - but really the points made are no different to every other country in the western world. so i don't buy it although i agree that society and the way authority is viewed - police, government, teachers etc.- has changed significantly.

i also believe social structure has changed and the involvement of government (or not) in supporting society through healthcare and other initiatives or 'safety nets' apply.

but good god this attachment to guns and the 2nd amendment seems so dated. i'm not american so i really don't understand the constitutional belief in the holiness of it but as explained it seems to relate to the ability to hold a government in check if need be by having the right to have arms. but current governments have drones and unbelievably advanced weaponry. what are handguns and AK's to that?? will the 2nd amendment have to allow for personal atomic weapons to keep pace? i know i'm exaggerating but really what's the point??

do we distrust our government and institutions to keep them in check so much? our democracies?

it could also be a fundamental difference in the belief in society over the individual - i believe society's rights trump (pun not intended) the individual - and that is true in all western societies including the USA - driver's licence rules - age, drinking laws etc. - the greater good of the society as a whole - i think that should be extended to guns - there is no reason for a citizen to be packing...


i just hate seeing these kids die for no reason - it horrid.

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