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Re: White Album 50th Anniversary Release?

Posted by **JSL** on Feb 15, 2018 at 5:59:20 PM:
In Reply to: Re: White Album 50th Anniversary Release? posted by **Only Sleeping** on Feb 7, 2018 at 6:02:11 PM:

********Anyone heard if there will be a 50th anniversary special edition of the White album this year? It would be great to finally get an official release of Child of Nature and all the other acoustic demos. Also maybe they could add Hey Jude / Revolution similar to what they did with Penny Lane / Strawberry Fields with last year's Sgt. Pepper release.
******* I don't think anything has been confirmed. But at the time of the Sgt. Pepper 50th release, Giles Martin hinted that he expected to begin working on a 50th Anniversary edition of The White Album. If it happens I assume like Pepper it would be remixed and there would likely be a standard release, along with a box set release that would include a bunch of outtakes and demos.

Assuming Giles does a 2018 stereo remix of The White Album, I'd imagine that the mono mixes will likely be his main source. He described his Pepper mix as like a 3D version of the mono mix.
******In my humble opinion they WILL release them. I automatically buy ANYTHING Beatles related if it's never been heard & the Sgt.Pepper Anniversary was no different. I'm still quite digging the bonus disc & hearing the whole original take 1 of Day In The Life unbutchered like it was on Anthology 2. C'min Mr.Martin. Work that magic you've inherited from your awesome dad Sir George Martin
****Or pick up a quality turntable, connect it to an excellent stereo (2 channel) component system and buy a vintage vinyl album. And listen to it the way it is meant to be - without compression or a boost to the bass. Only way to go.
***No doubt. I'm a humble 53 2nd generation fan but all I had was albums. I still love 'em! However I DO like hearing previously unreleased stuff which they in fact DO have.Love to hear some alternate Helter Skelter Glass Onion While My Guitar etc...
**Listen to the mono White Album - there are many significant differences, including the speed and sound effects.
*Oh I know my friend. I actually had 2 copies of the mono white album & gave 1 to my 16 yr. old niece. When she hears the stereo she's gonna be a bit confused? or shocked? by the differences

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