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Today in Beatles History: February 5

Posted by **Stephen** on Feb 5, 2018 at 3:02:44 AM:

1961 - The Beatles perform at Blair Hall, Walton, Liverpool.

1962 - The Beatles perform at the Cavern Club at lunchtime. That night they perform at the Kingsway Club in Southport. Drummer Pete Best is ill and unable to perform with The Beatles for these two shows, and John, Paul, and George are unanimous in wanting Ringo Starr to sit in as Best's temporary replacement. Since Ringo's group, Rory Storm and the Hurricanes, has a day off, Ringo accepts and performs with The Beatles.

1963 - Back on the Helen Shapiro tour, The Beatles perform at the Gaumont Cinema, Doncaster, Yorkshire.

1964 - The Beatles fly from France's Le Bourget airport to London Airport, and they are greeted by 100 excited schoolgirls (and in the middle of a school day, too!).

1967 - The Beatles film the "Penny Lane" promotional video. They go to Stratford in the East End of London, where they are filmed riding white horses and walking around Angel Lane from about noon to 4:00 pm. The film director, on a separate date, goes to Liverpool to shoot location shots of the real Penny Lane, with some of that footage spliced in with the sequences featuring the Beatles, to give the illusion that The Beatles are walking along the real Penny Lane.

1968 - Ringo Starr rehearses for an appearance on the Cilla Black television show "Cilla", scheduled for live broadcast on February 6.

1972 - John and Yoko participate in a demonstration in New York at the office of BOAC in support of a union boycott of British exports, protesting British policy in Northern Ireland.

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