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Re: Hello Anybody!!! Question Beatles Relate

Posted by **khfpl** on Jan 29, 2018 at 1:33:39 PM:
In Reply to: Re: Hello Anybody!!! Question Beatles Relate posted by **Only Sleeping** on Jan 28, 2018 at 12:21:36 PM:

****O.K I'm sure most, if not everyone on this Website has the re-issued Sgt.Pepper with the bonus disc. On disc 2 with the new mix of Strawberry Fields, the 1st 4 notes of the Swordmandel played by George Harrison is way buried in the mix. The rest is fine but listen to the mix from the Sgt.Pepper bonus disc. I wonder if anyone else hears it. 2018. So far all is well. Still diggin' it. Rocky Tripper. //00\\
***O.K. , this website is unfortunately a sad lonely place. So barren. Like a desert.
***Anyway to answer my own question the 1st 4 notes of George's Swordmandel are absolutely BURIED in the mix. To me, a 53 year Beatles fan it's does the song an injustice because every single instrument in that song is burned into my brain. How could this obvious mistake go unaddressed & left uncorrected. To me, it ruined the whole 2015? or2017? whatever year mix that is otherwise excellent.
***Please come back Daub Klaus Old Flat Top
***John Mill Ten Bob Black Monk , my goodness
***that's just out of me head.
***W H A T. H A P P E N E D. B A G I S M ? ?
**Hi OS,
**I am still here, reading, every once in a while posting. Actually pretty busy in my private life as I have to say, and have been more active on the Letter Box actually.
**I will try to post more here also. Promised.
*Ahhhh! Klaus my old friend!
*Remember I sent you vhs tapes & you sent me a nice sounding bootleg of the Circus Krone from 66 & also Candlestick Park which I actually listened to this past summer. Thanks for answering Mr.Klaus
*God bless. //00\\

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