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Re: A little fsct checking and putting

Posted by **comic relief** on Jan 19, 2018 at 9:58:33 PM:
In Reply to: A little fsct checking and putting posted by **khfpl** on Jan 18, 2018 at 6:11:30 AM:

*things in context is always helpful
*good example and still the Trump supporters call all this simple facts fake news.
*It's a shame what this man is dooing and how the GOP just supports him, no matter what. Just watched an interiew with Paul Ryan. My Goodness, what a boot-licker

I haven't watched anything with Paul Ryan, but I was watching Meet the Press last week and saw the interview with Rand Paul where he was trying to defend the shithole comment and explain the Donald's meaning.

Curious about what the Donald actually did contribute I looked up that trip. While he seemed to be appreciative of the $10K contribution, Paul seemed to have an entirely different view of the Donald back then:"His candidacy is an insult to the intellectual movement that has called for small government for decades,") and He described the reality star's candidacy as "buffoonery" and promised to continue leading the anti-Trump charge "until he fades away."

I don't know how any of these politicians can actually look at themselves in the mirror let alone get on national TV and defend Trump and his idiocy. I don't understand how or why they all try to interpret Trump's tweets and words as something other than what they actually say. Saying the entire continent of Africa is a shithole and asking why more people from Norway don't immigrate to the US somehow gets twisted to be sound immigration policy rather than acknowledging the fact that Trump is nothing more than a small minded rich old white man spouting prejudice. His ex-wife defends it as confused. He defends it as harsh language. There's no other way to look at it other than the fact that he doesn't want anything but white people immigrating to the US. Oh, and maybe the Asians since they're smart. But none of those countries with the dark people, can't allow any of them into the country. But Trump is the least racist person you could interview, and he's a very super stable genius that is totally the most healthiest man to ever live. Believe me, never before has anyone ever been as healthy and as much of a stable genius as Donald Trump.

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