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Re: Speaking like a certain US president

Posted by **comic relief** on Dec 10, 2017 at 5:40:25 PM:
In Reply to: Speaking like a certain US president posted by **khfpl** on Dec 10, 2017 at 8:25:08 AM:

*the not so funny part actually is, that this doesn't seem to be really too far away from reality
*Unbelievably funny though.

I wouldn't have pegged Ron Perlman as one to do a satiric improv like that, but he was spot on there. I can't watch more than a few minutes of the Donald, and reading transcripts of his word salad is even more painful. I understand the basic psychology behind people wanting a leader that speaks like them, but I really don't understand why people would want a leader that is a complete fucking idiot. Regardless of where you live, if we are to survive and thrive as a species, we need intelligent leaders. Unfortunately there are too many stupid people in the world that keep making the same stupid decisions by following stupid leaders and we are following a stupid path of destruction.

The Donald is extremely dangerous because of the fact that he doesn't care about diplomacy or world relations and simply cares about the Donald. He doesn't respect anybody and he really thinks he knows more than anybody else. He won't accept the advise of those that are actually informed and educated. If he thinks that starting a war will benefit him, he will start a war. He does not care about the US, he cares about people chanting his name when stands in front of a crowd at his campaign rallies (why is he still running campaign rallies 1 year into his term?). As much as I despise this clown, I would love to have his ear and push him towards universal health care and things that could actually benefit the US and the world. A president of the people could wield such great power and truly do great things for the world. Unfortunately we have a president of the idiots that will do nothing good for anybody but himself and the selfish people like him.

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