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Re: Pocahontas

Posted by **comic relief** on Nov 27, 2017 at 9:15:10 PM:
In Reply to: Pocahontas posted by **bon bon** on Nov 27, 2017 at 5:06:22 PM:

*Trump delivers native American racial slur at event honoring WWII code talkers
*Ok, who wants to defend this one? Anyone? Bueller? Winston? Winston?
*Is there anyone who is STILL not embarrassed by McFattie and still thinks he is elevating our position in the world?
*Hold your hand up. Don't be shy.

Here's the whole thing. The Donald takes the mic at 10:40 and it's just awkward. If he had just stuck to whatever was written for him in that binder it probably would've been OK, but he decides to wing it and that never goes well for him in any setting beyond his campaign rallies. Even when he makes the gesture to gift the speech, it has to be about the Donald; "I know you like me so you'll save it".

I know my utter contempt for this assclown jades my view, but he really can't seem to do anything right. A very simple meeting honoring the code talkers and he has to make a jab about the press and try to insult a political rival while inadvertently insulting the men he's supposed to be honoring. Also, the fact that he had absolutely no idea about the history of the code talkers is just insulting to his position as Commander in Chief. He calls Kelly up to the podium like he's calling on a kid in class to come up and give a book report.

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