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Re: This is For Fragile Conservatives LOL

Posted by **Winston OBoogie** on Nov 26, 2017 at 4:15:12 PM:
In Reply to: Re: This is For Fragile Conservatives LOL posted by **bon bon** on Nov 26, 2017 at 3:03:43 PM:

***Starbucks holiday cups upset snowflake RepubliCONS yet again
***Go smash your Keurig machine and crawl into a fetal position.
**I don't drink Starbucks coffee in any form..they're overrated and didn't support our military. I will keep my BUNN coffemaker over a Keurig any day.
**How did your screaming at the sky last November 8th work out for you?
*1) Starbucks' supposed lack of support for the military was a hoax recanted by its author.
*2) I don't scream at anyone or anything.
*You, however, are still defending the election of the buffoon (WHO YOU DIDN'T VOTE FOR WE KNOW!)? No surprise there.
*Quit being a gullible hoax whore who believes what he wants and ignores the truth. For god's sake, grow the f*** up.

I don't care.. Starbucks sucks anyway.

I'm sure you didn't scream at the sky ;) but you're obviously very frustrated since that's all YOU talk about is Trump this and Trump that..

You and CR keep reverting back to the same old shit about Trump
who had nothing to do with this thread.. ho hum.. yawn.

YOUR candidate got screwed over by Hillary Clinton ..all I can say is oh well..Maybe if you liberal progressives picked a better candidate who couldn't be bought off, your candidate might have won. I picked who I thought was a better candidate but he lost. I knew he would because I didn't want to vote for Trump or Hillary because I didn't feel the 2 leading candidates weren't worthy, But I moved on with my life.. and still do and enjoy all the things I did can't seem to do that with all that hate, intolerance and griping about things you have no control over.

Time for YOU to grow up.

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