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Re: Anyone Still Doubt...

Posted by **comic relief** on Nov 24, 2017 at 11:21:15 PM:
In Reply to: Anyone Still Doubt... posted by **bon bon** on Nov 24, 2017 at 9:42:25 PM:

*This idiot's malignant narcissism?
*Yet nothing seems to embarrass him, least of all his own actions and words that continuously come back to bite him in the ass.
*This is not normal.

Sad thing is, if he tweets it, it's real. At least that's how too many people actually see things, and it's how the Donald sees it. This is the new normal and it's really fucking frightening. It would be funny if he were still just a reality TV star and this was only about entertainment value.

This is the guy that had fake Time magazine covers featured prominently in multiple properties. Any one of us can get one of those novelty covers produced for $10 at the amusement park, but very few of us take them seriously or would display it anywhere beyond our rec room. The Donald loves the Donald so much that he had those fake covers framed and displayed at his properties around the world. He has no concept of reality. This has a great compilation of Trump talking about how he won't golf, how he won't have time to play, how he'll be too busy working to ever leave the White House. "Why would you want to leave the White House". Wow....can someone PLEASE show this man his own words? He's spending MILLIONS of taxpayer dollars and gets a direct benefit from his weekends at his golf properties. Oblivious
This is nothing like any other president, ever. Presidents have their travel time and the US taxpayers have always paid. But, never before have we had a president that personally benefitted from that money spent. How have we been gaslit to think that this is all OK? I did not think Trump would last an entire year, so it looks like I will be proven wrong. I still don't think he can possibly survive an entire term. I honestly don't think the world can survive an entire term.

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