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Re: Joy Reid Shreds Guest on Uranium

Posted by **comic relief** on Oct 30, 2017 at 9:57:13 PM:
In Reply to: Joy Reid Shreds Guest on Uranium posted by **bon bon** on Oct 29, 2017 at 9:40:50 PM:

*Reid debunks lies regarding Uranium-Clinton "story" in a couple of minutes. Well worth the time if you are interested in the truth
*Conservative news outlets have been pretty much obsessed with the Obama administration’s 2010 approval of the Uranium One deal and have repeatedly criticized the mainstream media for not covering the story. President Donald Trump picked up the baton (yet again) on Sunday and mentioned the supposed controversy as part of his morning tweetstorm in which he tried to shift focus away from the coming Robert Mueller indictments toward Hillary Clinton. But MSNBC’s Joy Reid showed Sunday morning just how easily the whole story falls apart once you start poking at it with a few facts in hand.
*Distraction, deflection, childish taunts - that's all it is. If you're a grown up, pay attention to the facts.

Facts are no longer facts. Everything is biased and doubt is easy to create. We can't trust our government and we can't trust our media, so exactly who can we trust? It's all a game and we're unwilling players. Our world is fucked...bring the nukes.

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