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Dr. Ebbets Needle Drop Rock N Roll

Posted by **Beatles Fan Robert** on Oct 26, 2017 at 3:34:54 PM:

It arrived today.

Unfortunately, it had a strong nicotine odor, both on the jewel case and even on the CD. So I contacted the seller and she is accepting a return.

As for the CD itself:

The jewel case is pretty nice. The album cover art was replicated, but the print is a bit blurry.

The CD label is a pretty good print of a real Capitol Records LP. The new US Albums box set, as well as the much earlier Capitol box sets, did a better job, of course. After all, Ebbets made bootleg CDs.

Sound is pretty good - not as good as the 2009 box set, which is why, after he listened to them, decided to retire, since he admitted that his were inferior.

One major problem is that you cannot rip the tracks to a computer - I am not that technical but I am pretty sure it is because this is a CD-R of analog LPs.

Do I recommend it? Only for completists. I burned my own CD, which culled the tracks from the 2009 and 2014 box sets, which made purchasing any Ebbets albums totally unnecessary. The cover art would have been nice, but ultimately it just didn't seem that important in the final analysis.

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