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Today in Beatles History: October 26

Posted by **Stephen** on Oct 25, 2017 at 6:20:12 PM:

1960 - The Beatles perform at the Kaiserkeller Club, Grosse Freiheit, Hamburg, West Germany.

1961 - The Beatles perform at the Cavern Club - a lunchtime show.

1962 - The Beatles perform at the Cavern Club, Liverpool, at lunchtime. That night they perform at Public Hall, Preston, Lancashire, 30 miles northwest of Liverpool. Also appearing at this "Rock & Beat Spectacular" are Mike Berry, The Outlaws, and The Syd Munson Orchestra.

1963 - On a tour of Sweden, The Beatles perform at the Kungliga Tennishallen, Stockholm, Sweden. They play for two "houses". The Beatles are second on the bill to the audience's favorite, Joey Dee & the Starlighters (but The Beatles certainly had some devoted fans, for some of them nearly dragged George Harrison off the stage).

1964 - The Beatles in the recording studio (Studio Two, EMI Studios, London). Another break from their British tour spent in the studio. More recording for the "Beatles For Sale" LP: "Honey Don't" (5 takes); "What You're Doing" (7 takes). They also record "Another Beatles Christmas Record", to be mailed in December as a flexi-disc to Beatles Fan Club members. "Beatles For Sale" is released on December 4, The Beatles' fourth LP in 21 months (and yet another #1).

1965 - At Buckingham Palace, The Beatles receive their MBE's from Queen Elizabeth II. The media give extensive coverage to the event, with The Beatles conducting a press conference at the Saville Theatre (where they will film the video clip for "Hello Goodbye"). According to John Lennon, The Beatles smoked marijuana in one of the palace bathrooms to calm their nerves.

1968 - "Hey Jude" is the #1 single in the US for the fifth week in a row.

1969 - The Beatles' album "Abbey Road" enters the Polish charts at #1; it will go on to hold that position for 11 weeks.

1971 - John Lennon records a demo of "Happy Xmas (War Is Over)".

1973 - UK release of Paul McCartney and Wings single "Helen Wheels/Country Dreamer" (Apple). 7 weeks on the charts; highest position #12.

1983 - US release of Paul McCartney LP "Pipes of Peace" (Columbia). Songs: "Say Say Say" [with Michael Jackson], "The Man" [also with Michael Jackson], "Pipes of Peace", "The Other Me", "Keep Under Cover", "So Bad", "Sweetest Little Show", "Average Person", "Hey Hey", "Tug of Peace", and "Through Our Love".

Note: For those who are interested, the Beatles facts that I present here come from the "Bagism Chronology," a searchable database that was an integral part of this website from July 1998 through December 2001. I created the database and Sam Choukri, the creator of, built the web pages and the search engine, as well as an e-mail generator that sent daily "Today in Beatles History) messages to subscribers all over the world. I regularly refined and updated the database until the end of 2001, when I decided to remove the database from Bagism. I'm sure that Sam was annoyed with me, because we had both put a lot of work into the Chronology (plus, it was a popular feature), but Sam agreed to discontinue it. The last update to the database was on May 6, 2001, so important facts that occurred after that date are not included (for example, the death of George Harrison).

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