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Re: Sauerkraut! Thank you Winston!

Posted by **backbeat** on Oct 23, 2017 at 8:36:45 AM:
In Reply to: Re: Sauerkraut! Thank you Winston! posted by **khfpl** on Oct 23, 2017 at 8:21:39 AM:

***Winston actually called my attention to this.
***We (as I'd say more than 90% of German families) usually have this dish 3, maybe 4 times a year, not more often, but if it is well done it really is delicious. So when I told Karin that I know someone online who calls me 'Sauerkraut' she laughed, but also said "why not having it, it's cold outside, rainy weather, good opportunity to have this kind of a traditional dish"
***So she will cook it today.
***Means: no Sauerkraut from a super-market or any chain. Instead she will buy it from the butcher in our village (who only offers it during autumn and winter and it will be home-made (if this expression makes sense, but I believe you understand what I am trying to say)). Smoked porked chop (or 'Kassler' as we call it), and maybe some Mettwurst and as you will immediately understand now: yes, I am far away from being orthodoxly or religiously even. ;-)
***Not possible without some really home-made mashed potatoes and in this case the potatoes being grown on a farm just a few kms away. Needs a bit of single cream, milk and nutmeg, and also some parsley and maybe even combining it with some mashed celeriac.
***The Sauerkraut will get flavoured by some good, dry Riesling (it will anyway and already be treated with Riesling when she buys it, but she will add some, no matter what)
***In the end this will be a meal worth being served in (minimum) a 3-star restaurant!
***Goes with a really good Pilsner beer! Even I, not really into beer, will have one.
***one of these
***The brewery is about 40 km away from where we live.
***.... oh, before I forget: Sauerkraut is actually not a really typical German dish. The by far best Sauerkraut is served in Alsace (France). OK, there's also a German history.
***You see Winston, Sauerkraut can never be an insult! :-)
**Sounds delicious! I love sauerkraut. Every winter my grandmother would make sauerkraut and pork ribs. It was a recipe passed down from our family in Germany/Prussia. Basically you just put sauerkraut, pork ribs, cut up potatoes and seasoning in a bit pot and let it simmer all day. It heat up the house and made a nice warm meal to eat.
*yepp, sounds great.
*It's the same with a hotpot or a stew: cook it slowly and for quite some time. And often it tastes even better the next day, when reheated.

I LOVE sauerkraut - even on its own but especially as above and a with sausage on a bun at a football (i.e. soccer) match

besides which sauerkraut is extremely healthy!!

"A 2006 report published in The Journal of Applied Microbiology states that probiotic benefits from cultured foods like sauerkraut include lowering the risk of:

brain disorders and mental illness

digestive disorders like leaky gut syndrome, ulcerative colitis and IBS

mood disorders like depression and anxiety



hormonal imbalances

food allergies and sensitivities

metabolic conditions such as diabetes

obesity or weight gain

various autoimmune diseases

This is due to probiotics’ direct and indirect influences on various organs and systems, especially the rate at which your body produces inflammation and controls hormone production. The “good bacteria” and other organisms living within your gut might as well be considered an organ in their own right, because they’re critically important to the health of your brain, hormones, heart, lungs, liver and digestive organs. The latest science tells us that probiotic-rich foods like sauerkraut can help Improve immune function, since they create a barrier against potential invaders including “bad bacteria” like pathogens, viruses, fungi and parasites:

Aid in digestion and the absorption of various nutrients

Detoxify the body, since probiotics help prevent infections and combat toxins living within your digestive tract

Support brain function and cognitive health, even helping to prevent dementia, treat Alzheimer’s disease and stave off memory loss

Handle stress through the “gut-brain” connection, your microflora’s effects on your endocrine (hormonal) system

Control inflammation that is at the root of most diseases

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