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Re: Test message

Posted by **comic relief** on Oct 15, 2017 at 7:23:22 PM:
In Reply to: Re: Test message posted by **maclen909** on Oct 15, 2017 at 7:03:56 AM:

***Bagism is operational.
**Long after WWIII runs its course and the little men in power do their best to destroy the world, Bagism shall remain operational.
*The batshit crazy dog lady will claim it was all a false flag and Archie will post about how WWIII was overhyped because he has friends and family that were uneffected by it.

And I'll be here posting factual data supported by multiple links about how the nuclear fallout ironically saved the planet by reducing the population and reversing global warming. Scientists discover that GMOs are resistant to the effects of radiation and Monsanto eliminates hunger worldwide. Through a unimous vote from the board of directors, the company is dissolved and all profits are pumped into additional research developing plants that convert radiation into O2.

Trump and Un were of course both killed while sitting on their respective toilets. Convinced they were literal Gods, they ignored their advisers' advice to secure shelter during the launch.

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