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Great Beginings

Posted by **Beatles Fan Robert** on Sep 29, 2017 at 12:27:14 PM:

The following are unforgettable beginings to some of the their best know songs, some groundbreaking.

I Saw Her Standing There: First track on Please, Please Me, Paul counting down to one, you just know you are in for something special.

I Feel Fine: According to McCartneyh, the first recorded song featuring feedback (the sound of vibration from the guitar).

Taxman: Resonant of I Saw Her Standing There, this time with George counting down to 1. His one and only song to lead off an album.

Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Heart's Band: An orchestra warming up, breaking to the sound of screeching guitars, with Ringo keeping a steady beat.

Back in the USSR: the only song I am aware of to lead off to the sound of a jet plane.

Good Morning, Good Morning: it starts with the lone sound of a rooster crowing, waking us up to what follows, a day in a typical working Englishman's routine life.

All You Need is Love: leads off with the French national anthem. What this has to do with universal love is a mystery to me.

Rain: Is this the only song to lead off with Ringo's solo drumming? Correct me if I am mistaken.

Across the Universe: Leads off with the sound of bird's tweeting, hearkening back to Pepper's Good Morning crowing rooster.

Day in the Life: starts to the sound of a single acoustic guitar leading into the existential observations of Lennon recounting the daily news.

Hard day's Night: Starts with the striking of an F cord with a G on top on a 12-string electric rhythm guitar.

I Me Mine: starts with the somber sound of an organ accompanied by guitar, perhaps introducing us to the last recording by the band. Re-enginered by Phi Spector to flesh out the original, which was a brief one minute and 34 seconds.

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