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Re: Hi Bagism!

Posted by **Spiggy Topes** on Sep 21, 2017 at 7:55:45 AM:
In Reply to: Re: Hi Bagism! posted by **Pip** on Sep 21, 2017 at 3:52:10 AM:

***haven't been in here for about ... 12 years! woah!!
***How is everything? I love how this whole page is still the same. :)
***(from Australia... if you recall)
**Hello Pip, I remember you well, if I remember correctly you were embarking on new career as a Mummy??..apologies if I got that wrong...hope all well.
*Yep, that was part of it! I joined Bagism when I was 16 I think... about 15 or 16. I was still in high school. I joined about a year before September 11 when the towers were hit and I remember the fallout of that emotional time here on Bagism. I just came back today thinking about how the new POTUS was received among you all, and the same people are debating! Amazing! (no judgment, I honestly think it's fantastic really that so many are still here and still passionately debating each other sort of like old friends who never agree)
*I'm 33 now and my eldest is 10!

my how time flies......your eldest??...that mean you have more?

Trump isn't my president, personally don't know what to think, ...but all the violence/ divisiveness is very worrying.

I live in Uk, actually Liverpool, Woolton, same place John lived with Aunt's just down the road.

We have enough of our own problems here, sure you do too in Oz....

so good to see your name on boards again, hopefully you can stick around, it's not all arguing, I remember a time when it was a lot worse.

Cheers Pip,


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