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Posted by **Beatles Fan Robert** on Sep 19, 2017 at 10:32:53 AM:

I can't believe it (or maybe I can).

I have been looking for a Beatles US Albums box set and came across one on eBay priced at $69.00 or Best Offer. I figured, what the heck, that is more than reasonable. I didn't dawn on me that the seller was anything but reputable since his (or her) feedback rating is 99.9 % or something like that, and based in the US.

Anyhow, submitted a bid of $50.00 ready to be turned down and, wala, he accepted it right away. Great!

So I got it very quickly. Unpacked it and it looked legit, the bottom even had the FBI emblem.

I left it shrink wrapped for a day and then, today, cut off the shrink wrap. No off smells when I did that. The colors on the box looked good.

First warning - the lid was difficult to remove.

Second warning - the CDs were in a random warning.

Took out Hey Jude. First sign - the CD and it's plastic sleeve were INSIDE the paper replica one.

Second sign - the plastic sleeve was that really cheap easy to tear crinkly one (yep, the Chinese are that stupid).

Third sign - the Apple label was VERY dark.

It actually plays very well, but fake is fake.

Removed Yesterday and Today. Oh boy! No outer wrapping with the paper insert on the left (like they all do if they are legit). The cardboard felt cheap, there was some glue residue on the back, and the colors were grainy and dark.

On to the CD.

The Capitol Records rainbow band along the perimeter of the label was darker than it should been, and grainy.

The apple logo on the bottom (should there even have been one?) was brownish.

And so I took out Revolver.

And guess what?

Same signs of a bootleg.

In addition, there was a white splotch on the black portion of the right hand side of the label.

So in summary, I was ripped off!

I contacted the seller to initiate a return. I told him of all the issues, attached pictures, etc.

Hopefully he will cooperate.

If not I will remind him of the anti-bootleg policy eBay has, and will contact them. They are pretty good at protecting buyers from predators.

Wish me luck!

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