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Re: Let Us Bid Farewell to the Dearly Depart

Posted by **khfpl** on Sep 18, 2017 at 2:43:57 AM:
In Reply to: Re: Let Us Bid Farewell to the Dearly Depart posted by **Winston OBoogie** on Aug 29, 2017 at 1:55:22 PM:

********This web board is now officially dead.
*******So is Bagism as a whole. It's become a cesspool of hateful remarks
*******and confrontations and personality conflicts instead of what it was originally all about.
*******Perhaps its time to recommend shutting it all down to the webmaster because it's really going nowhere now.
******Those have been my sentiments for several years now. And I know that some of them gang up on you for no apparent reason other than they are close minded. I just ignore that board (I assume you are referring to the letter box) and breath a sigh of relief. Let the blowhards let off steam - that's just not my thing. Quite the opposite of the whole Lennonian Utopian philosophy, which unfortunately is a relic of the past, forever stuck in the 60's and 70's, before Reaganomics, Iran/Contra, Bosnia/Serbia, Afghanistan/bananistan (thank you Donald Westlake, which for those who don't know is in The Hot Rock), Iran/Iraq, ISIS, N. Korea, etc. What in the world would he think? Me thinks he would have a good laugh over the idiocy.
*****Yes I tend to agree with you. And yes I was referring only to the Letterbox board. It just needs to be taken down.
****because you are the idiot you obviously are? 'Spamming the board', what a nonsense.
*****Those who are spamming the board there now need just to sit in their own puddles and come to the realization that nobody is going to listen to them's all they have. I have better things to do.
****Yes, we now that. hint: local diner
****More importantly: I guess you stopped posting because even you, EVEN YOU, cannot any longer defend what the guy you voted for is doing. It's as simple as that. Spamming? My goodness. I have explained whyt I think you are an idiot and I stick to this explanation. Simpleton.
***No.. I stopped posting on the Letterbox because all it becomes is confrontational and inevitably ends up with YOU and your pals just looking for an excuse to argue and calling others names. I am not going to give you and your "pals" the satisfaction of even thinking you're getting to me. And YES you ARE spamming the Letterbox board. One can easily how many entries you've made on the Letterbox board in your vain efforts to just stir up some confrontations. You're just upset because nobody is responding other than your pals. Start acting like a mature adult instead of the trollish behavior and constant childish name calling you are already well known for. I've got a 9 year old nephew that shows more maturity than YOU do.
***That's why I am sending in recommendations that the Letterbox
***board be taken down. It's become nothing more than a caldron of
***hatefulness and spite. And a number of posters have now left the board because of it.
***So stop wasting your breath and stop trying to turn this board into another confrontational platform for your hatefulness
***and lust for confrontations. Nobody is going to listen to you here.
**pot calling the kettle black me thinks...
*No not really..khfpl has a long standing reputation of being a "baiter". Someone who is only in it to start a confrontation.
*I do not go around calling others "simpleton" or "idiot" simply because they disagree with me nor just because they refuse to respond to swallow the "bait". Khfpl is simply looking for confrontation and he's wasting his time. That's why he feels
*the need to expand his name calling to other boards.
*I for one will not give him that satisfaction. It's not for
*lack of discussion, it's the fact that it always inevitably
*becomes a confrontation. I'm done with him.

I am a bit late, I know, but I couldn't post for a couple of weeks and once I again could I was actually hesitating. But then I thought the friendly German (that's me) is obliged to help you out of your la-la-land and back on track to reality. Not that I really beliebve that you will actually learn anything, but I just have to give it another try.

So here we go:

Do I have a 'long standing reputation of being a baiter'? Well, depends whom you ask. I do admit that at least one idiot (aka Winston) calls me a baiter for way more than just a couple of years. Whenever I bring up something or reply to something this certain Winston cannot handle (for whatever reason, and there are indeed plenty) this "baiting" comes up. In reality this is utter nonsense. You know it, I know it, aunti Lisa and her cow know it.

Next statement of yours: "Someone who is only in it to start a confrontation."

Yeah, Winston, that's a good one. Except that it is not and it only shows what an idiot you really are. Intellectually not capable of having any fact based discussion, always weaseling around whenever it becomes obvious how weak your arguments really are (let alone whenever you got caught with your proverbial pants down. You have really worked hard in order to earn your 'liar' status, didn't you?

I know what I did, say and post here, I am a regular from year 1 onwards. I have also explained more than once (over the course of the last 12 or so months why I conbsider you to be an utter idiot and why I don't think that this is any name-calling Winston. Actually I think this is a very friendly description of what you are. You'd btw be astonished about what "non-confrontative" things I did here and around the Bag and over the course of the many years Winston. Ironically enough (and to give you an example) , the last posting OFT posted on this other board and regarding KHFPL simply read "Thank you Klaus", and trust me, he didn't mean it sarcastically. And you know that were are definitely not on good terms, actually we are on no terms at all.

next: "That's why he feels the need to expand his name calling to other boards."

That's a classical Winstonian la "I give a damn about actual reality, whatever I the Winston of Winston's say automatically has to be THE reality, no matter what!"
Except that it isn't Winston.

You and your pal (I guess you still haven't figured out who he is, or did you?) began discussing the other board and began slamming fellow bagists! I only reacted to this perfidy. You know Winston, certain people spamming the board. I am really srry that CR's reply to you (on this other board) isn't there any longer, I'd love to put a link here. Idiot!

You are done with me? Well, that's another cool one. You are done with me after I have explained to you why I consider you to be an idiot. Fair enough. Still funny to some great extend. I will continuze calling you (and your buddies) out though. Just checked this other board. There's a real need to call you and your deplorable buddies out Winston. Everybody with only half a brain and at leat a bit of self-regard will feel this.

Have a nice day, the special offer in your local diner is really special this week!

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