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Re: Old Brown Shoe

Posted by **Beatles Fan Robert** on Sep 17, 2017 at 1:02:26 PM:
In Reply to: Re: Old Brown Shoe posted by **backbeat** on Sep 15, 2017 at 6:06:45 PM:

**From Wikipedia:
**In a 1980 interview, Lennon said that he was responsible for the choice of "Old Brown Shoe" as the B-side of "The Ballad of John and Yoko".[23] The single was released in Britain as Apple R 5786 on 30 May 1969.[24][25]
**In the United States, Apple Records issue the record in a picture sleeve featuring shots of the four Beatles and Ono in the garden of McCartney's London home. On the reverse side of the sleeve, the photo included a dark brown shoe placed in a bush in front of the five figures.[26] In the opinion of author Bruce Spizer, this shot, taken by Linda McCartney, shows Harrison, McCartney and Starr in better humour than in the shot used on the front of the sleeve, where the three bandmates appear uncomfortable with having to pose behind Ono and Lennon.[26] "Old Brown Shoe"'s first appearance on an album was in February 1970 when, along with its A-side, it was included on Capitol Records' North American release Hey Jude.[27]
**Ian MacDonald admires "Old Brown Shoe" as one of its author's "most forceful pieces" and "an archetypal B-side from an era when B-sides were worth flipping a single for". Writing for Rolling Stone in 2002, Greg Kot described it as "dark, droll, rollicking" and said it was perhaps Harrison's "most underrated Beatles composition". In his review of the Past Masters Volume Two compilation, for Rough Guides, Chris Ingham recognises "Old Brown Shoe" as "perhaps the densest, sharpest Harrison song to make it onto a Beatles record".Joe Bosso of MusicRadar includes it among Harrison's "10 Greatest Beatles Songs", describing it as "An infectious, lively track that tumbles out of the gate ... and gallops off", and he praises Harrison's "blazing guitar solo" and other musical contributions."
*i always loved Old Brown Shoe - just a great song = as well as The Ballad of John & Yoko - As far as i'm concerned TBOJ&Y is one of the best studies in how to construct a song. They introduce instruments and harmonies in a wonderful way that drives the song forward - pure genius imho.

It's the better of the two. Ballad should have been a Plastic Ono Band cut. I believe it was recorded with just Paul and John. Paul did double duty, bass guitar and drums. It has a very good bass line and pretty good drumming (maybe he was as good as Ringo? Just a thought).

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