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Re: Best Solo Debut Album

Posted by **JSL** on Aug 30, 2017 at 3:54:46 PM:
In Reply to: Re: Best Solo Debut Album posted by **backbeat** on Aug 28, 2017 at 12:49:17 PM:

**Here are the choices:
**Lennon - Plastic Ono Band
**McCartney - McCartney
**Harrison - All Things Must Pass
**Starr - Sentimental Journey
**I can go on on about my reasoning, but as far as I'm concerned it is thus:
**1) All Things Must Pass
**2) Plastic Ono Band
**3) McCartney
**4) Sentimental Journey
**I won't bore you to tears with reviews. Suffice it to say that Harrison's was the best produced, and mother lode of great songs.
**Of it Lennon, upon hearing that it was a triple album, said something like this, "is he fu***** mad!"
**Lennon's was a gut wrenching catharsis, unloading some of his demons. Brilliant, but not exactly tuneful.
**McCartney's, aside from Maybe I'm Amazed, was for the most part musical sketches, such as Junk, rather than fully developed great songs, aside from the aforementioned Maybe. But is was certainly memorable, and pleasant to listen t o.
**Harrison's was a brilliant debut of his then mastery of song writing, with great melodies. Of course he got in trouble with his monster hit My Sweet Lord, for which he was accused of plagiarizing Hes So Fine."
**Nothing after that would approach it.
**Starr's was curious, a rehashing of, as he put it, some of this mother's songs.
**Classic Ringo, not very well sung, a novelty album, nothing too memorable, an anachronism.
**In summary, each proved that, aside from Harrison, they were less in parts than the sum of the whole, to paraphrase George Martin. Lennon missed McCartney's brilliant tunes, McCartney missed Lennon's clever lyricism, Harrison could veer into being too preachy, and Starr, well, he was just being Ringo.
*Lennon - POB - far and aways the best
*McCartney - love the simplicity - and some great, great songs
*All Things Must Pass - way over produced - ruined it for me - i like the songs but i hate the production

All four Beatles made personal statements although in very different ways with their first proper solo albums. And you might ask how is Sentimental Journey personal? Well I think Ringo made the album for his mother with songs that she loved. Although POB and McCartney are excellent if I really had to choose I'd go with All Things Must Pass as the best solo debut album.

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