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Yoko Took The Fall for Breakup

Posted by **Beatles Fan Robert** on Aug 18, 2017 at 7:15:28 AM:

There is a lot of mythology as to why the Beatles broke up.

Internal rifts.

Each developing his own style and preference.

George's frustration at continuing to be treated as the 2 tracks an album junior at a time when he was cranking out songs as good or better than many of the Lennnon/McCartney ones.

Lennon's growing drug addiction and personality changes.

Paul's (not really true, more Lennon's increasing passiveness post-Pepper).

Front and center was the widely held belief that Yoko's growing prescense in John's life was fragmenting the allegiance of the group among each other, disturbing their chemistry.

Not true.

Truth was they had grown up and were tired of all the adoration, nothing was left to conquer. The pressures of being #1 for so many years, being under a microscope, different temperaments, etc. Brian's death, the emergence of Alan Klein, their individual marriages. Each now had his own life. They were no longer wed to each other.

So I contend that Yoko was almost an after thought. True, she was the only Beatles wife invited to recording sessions.

But was that so bad?

And as far as non-Beatles being invited in, there was Eric Clapton (White Album) and Billy Preston (Get Back/Let It Be).

In a way she took the blame for decades. Not helped by the icy reception she received from the media (I don't know how each fellow Beatle regarded it, nor to I want to conjecture).

Just my rambling thoughts.

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