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Re: Milk & Honey - Half Baked

Posted by **imaginer** on Aug 17, 2017 at 9:21:11 PM:
In Reply to: Re: Milk & Honey - Half Baked posted by **The Eggman** on Aug 17, 2017 at 7:22:46 AM:

*****Should Milk & Honey ever seen the light of day? Seeing that most of the songs are incomplete, and some actually didn't make the cut for the Double Fantasy album?
*****For instance, Grow Old With Me was on a very poor quality cassette, which is how Lennon recorded the first takes (like Free as a Bird and Real Love, the latter appearing in several iterations spread among some post-1980 compilations).
*****I'm Stepping Out is very sparse, good production but obviously not much more than a concept at that stage.
*****I don't think this album lent itself to adding to his legacy, but that is just me pondering the vast unknown universe in which the post-1980 albums reside.
*****Just wondering is all.
****For those of us who were in shock at the time, it was a wonderful album. Like John himself, it was unfinished. With that in mind, I still love the album.
***I like it too, sans Yoko. But who knows how much the tracks would have evolved before he included them on any album?
**Obviously, he would have finished the songs, if he had lived.
**And he wanted Yoko to get equal time. So be it!
*The intention was to record two albums worth of material, so whatever didn't make it onto "Double Fantasy" would end up on the follow-up. What you hear on "Milk and Honey" is that intention more or less, realized.
I have a lot of respect for Yoko and the way she has honored John, since his passing..

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