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Re: Milk & Honey - Half Baked

Posted by **The Eggman** on Aug 17, 2017 at 7:22:46 AM:
In Reply to: Re: Milk & Honey - Half Baked posted by **imaginer** on Aug 16, 2017 at 5:05:11 PM:

****Should Milk & Honey ever seen the light of day? Seeing that most of the songs are incomplete, and some actually didn't make the cut for the Double Fantasy album?
****For instance, Grow Old With Me was on a very poor quality cassette, which is how Lennon recorded the first takes (like Free as a Bird and Real Love, the latter appearing in several iterations spread among some post-1980 compilations).
****I'm Stepping Out is very sparse, good production but obviously not much more than a concept at that stage.
****I don't think this album lent itself to adding to his legacy, but that is just me pondering the vast unknown universe in which the post-1980 albums reside.
****Just wondering is all.
***For those of us who were in shock at the time, it was a wonderful album. Like John himself, it was unfinished. With that in mind, I still love the album.
**I like it too, sans Yoko. But who knows how much the tracks would have evolved before he included them on any album?
*Obviously, he would have finished the songs, if he had lived.
*And he wanted Yoko to get equal time. So be it!
The intention was to record two albums worth of material, so whatever didn't make it onto "Double Fantasy" would end up on the follow-up. What you hear on "Milk and Honey" is that intention more or less, realized.

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