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Re: Let Us Bid Farewell to the Dearly Depart

Posted by **Beatles Fan Robert** on Aug 16, 2017 at 11:28:13 AM:
In Reply to: Re: Let Us Bid Farewell to the Dearly Depart posted by **backbeat** on Aug 15, 2017 at 8:40:24 PM:

***********This web board is now officially dead.
**********In the earlier days of the internet, Bagism used to show up in the top few hits when doing a web search. Now it's buried much farther down the list on Google. Just not as many new people are aware of it.
**********I also think interest in John Lennon has somewhat waned. He's still well-known but 40 years after his death is different than 20. The people who have a living memory of him are also fewer.
*********Specifically...Bagism used to show up higher in web searches when searching for John Lennon...not just Bagism.
********This type of message board was obsolete for a long time before it died. I used to suggest going with a more modern message board platform but the idea never got any traction. Oh well, message boards, in general, have gone by the wayside now. Everybody prefers Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and such.
********It was fun here, while it lasted though!
*******It still is or could be. Personally I like it, especially the fact, that you cannot add smileys, gifs and whatever else and that you have to concentrate on plain text (+ links).
*******So I don't consider it to be obsolete as such, the Bag is simply depending on the users and how active they are.
******I would post a follow up but I am too busy queuing up another LP and dubbing it to cassette, before my rotary phone starts to ring. see ya!
*****sure. what else
****Would any millenia under the following lyrics from "I'm Stepping Out?"
****"Baby's sleeping, the cats have all been blessed
****There's nothing doing on TV (summer repeats)
****Put on my space suit I got to look my best
****I'm going out to do the city"
****And think, what the heck is a space suit?
***sure. what else. khfpl out
**Did they ever know how to dress in the 70's? Bring back polyester leisure suits and gold chains!
*Lennon was a fashionable/cool dresser - and 'space suit' is a great line - i don't think most would have trouble getting what he's saying

I for one have no idea what a "space suit" is, but what comes to mind is one of those tasteless silver outfits. Thank goodness the 70's and early 80's are behind us - surely a decade of bad taste and mindless music. Especially disco - good thing the Beatles bit the dust before they could tackle that genre! Although as far as disco goes, "Miss You" by the Stones was pretty good, as was "Shattered."

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