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The White Album - Killer Bass Line

Posted by **Beatles Fan Robert** on Aug 11, 2017 at 8:55:12 AM:

Not sure the exact terms for what I am posting here.

The White Album impresses me most with how Paul played his brains out.

His bass line absolutely defines the sound of the album. Though out most of the songs it is dominant. Unlike any previous album, with perhaps the fuzz bass on Rubber Soul (Harrison's Think for Yourself, perhaps the best track on that fine album, and Harrison's best to date), and Pepper (mimicking Pet Sounds, and the guiding force on all tracks with Perhaps Day in The Life being the exception).

Anyhow, it gives the White Album a foreboding, almost sinister feel. Which is a good thing, given the weird vibe resonating from the entire album.

One more thing (or perhaps several).

It is weird in more ways than that.

Instead of Utopian songs, such as the recent All You Need Is Love, and the early bubble gum pop, we get the cynical Beatles, singing not about love and the such but the following:

Amusement park rides (or better yet a sort of apocalypse), and the incentive for Charles Manson to wreck violence upon Sharon Tate and company (Helter Skleter)

Depressive, suicidal angst (Yer Blues)

Cannibalistic pigs (Piggies, and I know it is actually about the police)

Tiger hunters (Bungalow Bill)

Gun slingers (Rocky Raccoon)

1020's flappers (Honey Pie)

Chaos (Revolution #9)

Muzak, Broadway musical (Goodnight)

Satire/Progressive Rock (the beginning of Happiness is a Warm Gun, which begins with Mother Superior, which unfortunately peters out in the middle) and Sexy Sadie, which is all about the raunchy Maharishi

Country (Don't Pass Me By)

Political (Revolution)

Chocolates (Savoy Truffle)

The final weird thing is that Eric Clapton was invited to play on While My Guitar Gently Weeps, at the behest of Harrison, the only other time someone outside the group participating being Billy Preston on the Get Back sessions.

OK, that's my take on it.

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