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Re: Abbey Road Cover - Paul is Dead Clues

Posted by **JSL** on Jul 29, 2017 at 4:49:19 PM:
In Reply to: Abbey Road Cover - Paul is Dead Clues posted by **Beatles Fan Robert** on Jul 26, 2017 at 8:54:10 AM:

*1. It’s a funeral procession. (John is wearing white, symbolizing the clergy; Ringo, dressed in black, is a pallbearer or an the undertaker; George, dressed in work clothes, is the gravedigger. Paul, the corpse, is out of step with the other Beatles, leading with his right foot instead of with his left; Paul’s eyes are closed and he is barefoot)
*2. The smoking gun! (Paul held his cigarette in his right hand, even though he is a lefty)
*3. Paul’s feet are bare (the dead are buried without their shoes)
*4. The police van (symbolizes authorities who kept silent about Paul's fatal fender-bender)

I can't believe there are people who weren't even around back then who now buy into the whole "Paul is dead" thing. I have a cousin who was born in 1969 who recently bought into it after seeing the "Winged Beatle" documentary.
*5. The Volkswagen Beetle with a license plate reading “28IF”, suggesting the Paul would have been 28 if he were still alive; The first three letters on the license place, “LMW,” has been interpreted as “Linda McCartney Weeps.”
*6. The girl in the blue dress (a fan named Rita, fleeing from the car crash)
*7. Connect the dots (the number three—the number of surviving Beatles; to the right of the tiles is a very odd shadow that looks like a skull)
*8. Broken Beatles sign (real meaning - The Beatles had secretly broken up)
*Letterman interview/(

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