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Re: Why No Beatles 2?

Posted by **JSL** on Jul 28, 2017 at 3:15:03 PM:
In Reply to: Why No Beatles 2? posted by **Beatles Fan Robert** on Jul 14, 2017 at 4:52:13 AM:

*I've often wondered (why do I do that?) why Apple Records/EMI does not issue a companion CD to Beatles 1 and name it, creatively, Beatles 2. It would be comprised of all the flip sides of the #1 songs. They could issue separately and a deluxe package consisting of both CDs and a signed color picture of the CEO of Apple,suitable for framing, along with a facsimile of a canceled check signed by Johnny Sucker.
*I am at least partially sarcastic, but maybe 25% serious. It makes perfect sense to me. Maybe in the double CD set the songs should be in order of the 45 record A and B sides.
*Yes, you would then have yet another compilation. But what the heck, why not! Paul and Ringo can use your hard earned cash - why not kick in your contribution to the ex-Beatles children's trust funds (and don't forget about Yoko and Olivia). Won't you please remember our poor pop idols? Your contribution of just $2.00 a month will go a long way in providing pot and alcohol for an ex-Beatles and help make his remaining time on earth more meaningful, and higher, if you get my drift.

I wouldn't be shocked if a Beatles 2 happens. And like the reissued Beatles 1 the songs would have new stereo mixes.

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