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Abbey Road Cover - Paul is Dead Clues

Posted by **Beatles Fan Robert** on Jul 26, 2017 at 8:53:19 AM:

1. It’s a funeral procession. (John is wearing white, symbolizing the clergy; Ringo, dressed in black, is a pallbearer or an the undertaker; George, dressed in work clothes, is the gravedigger. Paul, the corpse, is out of step with the other Beatles, leading with his right foot instead of with his left; Paul’s eyes are closed and he is barefoot)

2. The smoking gun! (Paul held his cigarette in his right hand, even though he is a lefty)

3. Paul’s feet are bare (the dead are buried without their shoes)

4. The police van (symbolizes authorities who kept silent about Paul's fatal fender-bender)

5. The Volkswagen Beetle with a license plate reading “28IF”, suggesting the Paul would have been 28 if he were still alive; The first three letters on the license place, “LMW,” has been interpreted as “Linda McCartney Weeps.”

6. The girl in the blue dress (a fan named Rita, fleeing from the car crash)

7. Connect the dots (the number three—the number of surviving Beatles; to the right of the tiles is a very odd shadow that looks like a skull)

8. Broken Beatles sign (real meaning - The Beatles had secretly broken up)

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