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Three More Clues

Posted by **Beatles Fan Robert** on Jul 25, 2017 at 8:30:36 AM:

Oh my, once you are on a roll you see death clues everywhere!

Look at the 1967-1980 blue album, and 1962-1966 rec album covers.

Upper right and immediately below are John (top right) and George (bottom right). Clock wise, the first two, chronlogically in that order, to die.

Pepper, John (far left) and George (far right) flank Ringo and Paul. And going from left to right, John and Ringo were the two oldest, Paul and George (in that order) the youngest.


Revolver. Again, like the red and blue album covers, Going clockwise from top right to left, John on the top, George below, the two surviving Beatles next.

Rubber Soul. John and George standing together on the left, John first, followed by George, going clockwise. The two surviving Beatles to their right.

In fact, going earlier, on Beatles '65, going counter-clockwise from right to left, John, first on the right, died first, George, on the far left, next.

Beatles VI, on the right, going counter clockwise, Geroge, far left, and John to his immediate left. Again, standing together. His hand is over John's, with the middle finger partially extended and his index finger fully extended, alluding to that he would be the second one to go.

Yesterday & Today, clockwise from the left, John, sitting on the meat locker, the first to die, followed by George to his right, the second.

Something New, going counter clockwise, John, far right, the first to go, followed by George, the second, to his immediate left.

Hard Day's Night, from top to bottom, John on the top, first to die, followed by George, second to die.

The Beatles Second Album, top middle photo of the group, John first on the right, and to his immediate left, of course, George.

Meet the Beatles. left to right, John on the far left, first to go, followed by George to his right, the second to go.

All coincidences, I know. But you know what? Omniscient, as only creepy clues can be.

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