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Re: Bye Bye Beatles?

Posted by **khfpl** on Jul 21, 2017 at 11:22:50 PM:
In Reply to: Re: Bye Bye Beatles? posted by **Beatles Fan Robert** on Jul 21, 2017 at 2:59:46 PM:

****Anyone want to offer an opinion as to what will become of he Beatles music once the baby boomer generation passes on? Me thinks a steady decline in interest, give the fact that most of the music is beyond the half-century mark. The earliest albums sound very dated, have for some time. From Beatles For Sale, original songs, better. Rubber Soul and Abbey Road, in my opinion, have aged the best. But as for the rest...
****Carry on!
***Went to youtube and simply looked for "Beatles Cover" and filtered it to this week's uploads
***and in case you are afraid that the young generation is not appreciating them any longer
**another example, not the best cover, but I'd die to get that guitar
*Interesting. But few people are crooning Frank Sinatra songs, and Elvis records do not get much air play. Ever hear about Rudy Valey? He was very, very big in the early 20th centure.
*The facts are this - we live in a pop culture, disposable idols, ever changing fads. Today's star is tomorrows clearance bin.

Has always been the case (in principle)
*To paraphrase Lennon, today the Beatles are big, but eventually they will go away. Or something like that. He said it about Christianity, but you get my drift.
Well Lennon was wrong. The Beatles are not any longer hitting the screen or having songs in any billboard list (even though, Pepper for example went really high at Amazon and just recently), but they grew in many other aspects and certainly are now part of the cultural canon, they are important and are appreciated beyond what Lennon meant or had in mind. I think this is undeniable.

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