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Re: Bye Bye Beatles?

Posted by **Beatles Fan Robert** on Jul 21, 2017 at 3:17:08 PM:
In Reply to: Re: Bye Bye Beatles? posted by **khfpl** on Jul 21, 2017 at 1:41:44 PM:

**Anyone want to offer an opinion as to what will become of he Beatles music once the baby boomer generation passes on? Me thinks a steady decline in interest, give the fact that most of the music is beyond the half-century mark. The earliest albums sound very dated, have for some time. From Beatles For Sale, original songs, better. Rubber Soul and Abbey Road, in my opinion, have aged the best. But as for the rest...
**Carry on!
*No way.
*It's not often (if ever) that I agree with Winston and PYCB, but here I wholeheartedly do so.
*My granddaughters (age 10 and 14) don't listen often, but certainly know them quite well. Yellow Submarine!
*Over the course of the last few months I have noticed a lot of cultural events around the Fab4 taking place. Theater, Jazz, Cinema, you name it. All good!

One more thing if I may. Been to your average retailer lately? They're doing away with the music section. No one is buying CDs anymore more - it's all being downloaded off the internet. And as I've contended with anyone slightly interested, digital music is a very inferior medium - it's all compressed, bits and bytes, soul less. And on the radio, less and less of the Beatles songs getting play time. Sorry, but their passing is inevitable. It's already happening, in a slow and agonizing downward spiral. You have no idea how giant and dominating they were in 1964 through 1967. No one came even close, aside maybe from the Stones, and they were always copying them, anyhow, up and through Her Satanic Majesties (came out around the same time as Pepper and Magical Mystery Tour, as I recollect) by 1970 the only thing fueling albums sales was the Paul is dead nonsense. Now we live in the age of repackagine the catalog, endless anthologies and best hit albums. The well is dry folks - the legend continues to me milked like a cash cow, exactly what happened to Elvis. I call it the Elvis factor.

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