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Re: I'm A Hypocrite! new Pepper Revisited.

Posted by **Beatles Fan Robert** on Jul 18, 2017 at 11:54:51 AM:
In Reply to: Re: I'm A Hypocrite! new Pepper Revisited. posted by **Only Sleeping** on Jul 15, 2017 at 7:29:14 PM:

**After upgrading my headphones and listening to it more critically a few times I've completed changed my opinion about the new remixed pepper. It is pretty good. Not as bad as I let on a few weeks ago. Even an improvement of the 2009 stereo, which was never overseen by the group. In fact I feel the same way now about it as when I played my original mono album back in 1967/1968. It gives it new meaning to me. You hear things previously not heard. Better in that respect than even the Japanese mono from the box set.
**Will it replace the others? Not sure. I guess for the time being you have four to choose from; 2009 stereo, 2009 mono, 2017 remixed, and the original LP (mono still the way to go if you can get your hands on one - I am holding on to my battered one for dear life).
*Isn't there something special about having the original mono mix on vinyl?
*I don't have an "original pressing" but a damn good 2nd generation copy I bought 30 years ago at a now defunct flea market. I remember perking up when I 1st heard it because being a wnd generation fan I always heard about these mono mixes. It blew me away with my giant Technic speakers.
*Still the best but I DO like the new stereo mix

Yes, yes , yes! Vinyl still rules!

And it pays to hunt down a mono pressing of the album, if you can afford it. I have one, and they will have to pry it from my dead, cold hands once I'm gone and don't care anymore. I don't play it much, and who knows if with all the CD reissues it will ever be worth what it was in the late '90s.

Same goes for all the albums. What they can only do is duplicate the sound of vinyl on a metallic plastic coated disc with the music digitized into bits and bytes. Which is for the mail part clinical and cold.

And my contention, while I am standing on my soap box, is that the same can be said about photography. A great film photo, ala Ansel Adams, is a work of art. On good old fashioned 35 mm Kodak film. It still stands the test of time. I like digital cameras, am now playing with a very good Pentax DSLR which beats the pants off any point and shoot with mega megapixels. But I would still rather use my trusty old Pentax ME-Super 35 mm SLR. It's just the age of film is dying out, like the dinosaurs, and you can say the same for turntables, current craze for vinyl excepted.

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