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Re: I'm A Hypocrite! new Pepper Revisited.

Posted by **backbeat** on Jul 13, 2017 at 7:44:54 PM:
In Reply to: Re: I'm A Hypocrite! new Pepper Revisited. posted by **backbeat** on Jul 13, 2017 at 7:24:40 PM:

****After upgrading my headphones and listening to it more critically a few times I've completed changed my opinion about the new remixed pepper. It is pretty good. Not as bad as I let on a few weeks ago. Even an improvement of the 2009 stereo, which was never overseen by the group. In fact I feel the same way now about it as when I played my original mono album back in 1967/1968. It gives it new meaning to me. You hear things previously not heard. Better in that respect than even the Japanese mono from the box set.
****Will it replace the others? Not sure. I guess for the time being you have four to choose from; 2009 stereo, 2009 mono, 2017 remixed, and the original LP (mono still the way to go if you can get your hands on one - I am holding on to my battered one for dear life).
*** In terms of stereo mixes the 2017 mix is the best version of Sgt. Pepper in my opinion. Giles Martin said that he aimed to make it a 3D version of the mono album. Having said that I do have the mono mix of Pepper on CD too and I'll probably alternate between both versions when I feel like listening to the album.
**I may give it another try, but so far I can say that I am a bit disappointed, it didn't convince me. I think it sounds "thin" to begin with.
*the original vinyl mono is certainly still the best for the audio but also for flipping it over at the half-way point - i love it - but i really do like this most recent Giles version - i hear a different clarity
*it may be me, but i've advocated for the idea of Yoko letting five current "top" producers take the Mind Games album, for example, and totally remix it from the original tapes - no additions - just remix - i'd love to hear what some might do - especially as i never really liked the original mix.
*but that's just me - personally i'd love to re-mix the Mind Games album from the original tapes - i'd strip a ton off it and augment the's a brilliant album waiting to burst..imo,

my point being that this is done all the time in classical music with Beethoven, Bach or Mozart etc. and the community is not only accepting of it but excited by it. we hear interpretations of Beethoven, as we should, all the time.

i'd LOVE to hear Beatle's master tapes reinterpreted by current, and future, producers/musicians - it would be exhilarating

i don't see it as taking away from what was done at all

look at Benjamin Zander's interpretation of Beethoven's 9th, "for the past hundred years or more by interpretations by great conductors of the Romantic repertoire, who have chosen to disregard the metronome marks Beethoven left for the work In order to achieve effects of grandeur and significance, they dramatically altered the speed of the music, establishing a tradition of performance that is far removed from what Beethoven seems to have intended.

obviously we have the Beatles actual recordings but they are compromised by technology - i think it would be interesting to hear creative production interpretations without alterations or additions what was recorded

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