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Re: I'm A Hypocrite! new Pepper Revisited.

Posted by **Beatles Fan Robert** on Jul 12, 2017 at 1:22:40 PM:
In Reply to: Re: I'm A Hypocrite! new Pepper Revisited. posted by **JSL** on Jul 12, 2017 at 6:53:26 AM:

**After upgrading my headphones and listening to it more critically a few times I've completed changed my opinion about the new remixed pepper. It is pretty good. Not as bad as I let on a few weeks ago. Even an improvement of the 2009 stereo, which was never overseen by the group. In fact I feel the same way now about it as when I played my original mono album back in 1967/1968. It gives it new meaning to me. You hear things previously not heard. Better in that respect than even the Japanese mono from the box set.
**Will it replace the others? Not sure. I guess for the time being you have four to choose from; 2009 stereo, 2009 mono, 2017 remixed, and the original LP (mono still the way to go if you can get your hands on one - I am holding on to my battered one for dear life).
* In terms of stereo mixes the 2017 mix is the best version of Sgt. Pepper in my opinion. Giles Martin said that he aimed to make it a 3D version of the mono album. Having said that I do have the mono mix of Pepper on CD too and I'll probably alternate between both versions when I feel like listening to the album.

It DOES sound more vibrant - 3D is a good way of describing the improvement, like surround sound vs. 2 channel stereo. The mono is very detailed but like all mono sounds thinner than stereo, which is how most people born after 1987 are used to.

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