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Re: McCartney vs. Sting

Posted by **pycb** on Jul 10, 2017 at 9:21:36 AM:
In Reply to: Re: McCartney vs. Sting posted by **backbeat** on Jun 30, 2017 at 11:17:35 PM:

**who's the better bassist in your opinion?
**I have to give the edge to Sting.................
*Macca buy a poor young country boy mile - sting comes nowhere near him in creativity, melodic playing, counterpoint or rhythm ....*

forget for a minute that you're a Beatle fan
forget the two different styles

what prompted this post?
I was listening to Sting's live "All this Time" CD the other night. Excellent disc BTW - if you don't have it I highly recommend getting it.

I used to be a bassist myself oh 30 years ago - so
1 - I have a tendency to focus in on the band's bass lines
2 - as I listened I thought "Damn he's good"

Having been a bass player I know how hard it is to sing (especially lead) & play the bass at the same time. Thankfully I didn't sing lead. Both of these gentlemen do both exceedingly well & deserve all the kudos they receive.

Both are more than competent at what they do.

I think Sting however is more "technically" competent on bass.

Started me thinking:
I'm pretty sure Sting would have no problem "Doing McCartney" but don't know that McCartney could "Do Sting"

does that make sense?

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