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Re: Landmark Albums

Posted by **Beatles Fan Robert** on Jul 6, 2017 at 7:55:08 AM:
In Reply to: Re: Landmark Albums posted by **Only Sleeping** on Jun 30, 2017 at 1:05:57 AM:

**1. Please Please Me / Meet the Beatles - the debut (not counting Introducing the Beatles on VJ Records, which becamed eclipsed once Capitol started releasing their soon to be catalog through Revolver)
**Hard Day's Night / Something New - the first all Lennon/McCartney album
**Help! - First sign of maturity in the lyrics, and more complex melodies
**Rubber Soul - The breakthrough into immortality. First rate tracks from beginning to end, cohesive and set the stage for Pet Sounds soon after.
**Revolver - The acid album, bookmarked by the sarcastic, blistering Taxman (the only Harrison song to lead off an album) and Tomorrow Never Knows (the first truly psychedelic track by any group). Also featured #1 hits Yellow Submarine / Eleanor Rigby. Which begs the question, if that #1 hit record was released with a new LP, why wasn't Penny Lane /Strawberry Fields included on Pepper a year later?.
**The Beatles (White Album) - their one and only double album. Competed with Beggars Banquet for best album of the year (and what a year for albums)! Fabs proved they could follow up Pepper by something as good, if very different. First sign of the fragmentation festering from Mystery Tour and carrying forward the aborted Let It Be project.
**Abbey Road - swan song and rivaling Revolver, Rubber Soul and Pepper for best overall LP.
**By the way, Let if Be boasted the most #1 hit records of ANY other LP as far as I can tell - Let It Be, Long and Winding Road, and Get Back. Am I right? The only one that for me was as strong was Abbey Road which featured the two Harrison gems and Come Together. The White Album has NO hit records, at least counting official singles (45"s), at least as I can tell, not until Obla di Obla da was released in the 70s.
*Ob-La Di should never have been a single. I'd take Helter Skelter over that any day.

I'll second that - the only problem I have with Helter Skelter is the association with Charles Manson and his zombies, who read into the White Album instructions to have fun with mass murder.

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