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Re: Worst LP Song

Posted by **backbeat** on Jul 4, 2017 at 4:05:36 PM:
In Reply to: Re: Worst LP Song posted by **backbeat** on Jul 4, 2017 at 3:59:01 PM:

****ALthough there are a few contenders (Mr. Moonlight, Revolution #9), there is only one true clunker on all of the 13
****Wild Honey Pie. They must have been stoned out of their minds when thy records this stinker.
***sorry but Wild Honey Pie is wonderful - i can understand questioning 'Don't Pass me By' even though i like it, but Wild Honey Pie? no way! it's great.
**What makes it so "great"? The lyrics?
**The melody? It's crap crap crap. Self indulgent crap. Not Guilty should've knocked that song off. Opinions are like a-holes though right. If u dig it cool. Come to think of it "Dig It" isn't so "great" either. Repititious boring jam. I'm glad Spector chopped it down to 53 seconds or whatever it is.
*it's completely unique and very creative imo - it's not so much a song but a short link - actually McCartney said they weren't going to include it but George's wife Patti liked it a lot so they left it on the album - and i'm glad they did :^)

also, and not that it means anything, but In 2003, Stylus Magazine ranked Wild Honey Pie at number 1 on their list of the "Top Ten Filler Tracks", saying "the greatest piece of filler to ever clutter an over-ambitious double album"

And ta boot the Pixies chose to cover it on their 1998 album Pixies at the BBC.

Anyway it's not meant to be a heavy serious number rather whimsical, fun/playful and creative.

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