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Re: I'm Just a Bitter Aging Baby Boomer

Posted by **Only Sleeping** on Jun 30, 2017 at 12:51:23 AM:
In Reply to: I'm Just a Bitter Aging Baby Boomer posted by **Beatles Fan Robert** on Jun 27, 2017 at 2:36:14 PM:

*I've said before, I think the Beatles "empire" has turned into a money making machine, making the group part of what I call the Elvis Factor. By that I mean endless compilations, versions of past albums (remastered, remastered-remastered, remixed remastered remastered, you get the idea). Where the hell could the average beginner begin? It just gets to be a dizzying maze of epic proportions.
*Other groups have done the same again, of course, so they are not guilty of an original sin. But it muddies the waters, and I, having experience them from their birth to their death, in real time, am saddened by it. The only true essentials as far as I am concerned was the 1994 Live at the BBC and the 1996 anthologies, CD's and videos. They completed the legacy. As Martin said it at the time, now the well was (truly) dry, and there would be no more new albums. He was a pretty lousy prognosticator as it turned out, even being at least partially guilty of the horribly dreadful Love soundtrack (my god, "mashing" their songs together to create some absurd noise? I think I will mash together Milton and Vonnegut and call it Slaughter House Lost).
You know what Mr. Robert? I kinda get where you're coming from. I'm a 2nd generation fan since 1970 (oddly enough the year they "officially" broke up. I actually dig the new Pepper mix. I also dig the outtakes disc. I being of modest income am just pissed that E.M.I. in England didn't do what the good 'ol U.S. did. They should've given a little consideration to us not so rich folk & put the stereo & mono mix on 1 disc. Whatever. It doesn't really matter. I think it's great they're emptying the vaults. Why record something & keep it in a vault when some of us older farts like hearing unreleased stuff. I just stumbled on an alternate version of It Won't Be Long on YouTube. They said it was 2 different takes but both takes sounded exactly the same to me. Alright enough babbling
P.L.B.Can ya dig it?

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