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Re: I Wonder

Posted by **Only Sleeping** on Jun 30, 2017 at 12:38:30 AM:
In Reply to: Re: I Wonder posted by **Beatles Fan Robert** on Jun 29, 2017 at 4:50:34 AM:

*******I wonder if one day the technology gets so good that Giles can work a miracle with "Free As A Bird" & "Teal Love". Both goog songsbut Lennons voice sounds horrible fidelity wise
****** Interesing question. I thought John's distorted voice on Real Love gave the song a bit of a psychedelc feel. But Free as a Bird is another story.
*****The definitive take is on the Imagine soundtrack LP. At least for me. I think there is another one on the Anthology box set. The one on Anthology 2 just sounds too much like it was recorded through a tin can.
*****Both so called "new" songs just sullied their legacy - more like Jeff Lynne/ELO releases than the Fab 4.
**** With Real Love you wonder why the others just didn't work with one of the versions that had a good quality recording of John's voice. And John's vocals on Now and Then were really no worse. So you wonder why the other two were ok for George and then he shot down putting out Now and Then.
***Well, wasn't Ono responsible for that? There were superior versions in the can and on other albums, but all she handed over were some shitty cassettes (hardly high fidelity). As far as I'm concerned these "new" songs should never have seen the light of day. And they were NOT Beatles songs, they were Lennon songs. Over and out.
**Personally, I like the "new" Beatles songs.
*And so did many others, or they wouldn't have been aired, marketed, and sold well. But it wasn't the Beatles, it was ELO, Macca and Harri, with Ringo on the drums.
I'm with you Beatlefan Robert. They are NOT Beatles songs. Crappy souding Lennon cassettes with overdubs by the Threetles & Jeff Lynn.
You rrally mean to tell me there was 0 studio quality tapes? None? Never? Really? Not even 1 decent vocal track? I know it's sour grapes but I never cared for either song. It sounds like a Lennon cassette recording with Threetles & Jeff (I AM A Beatle!) Lynn

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