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Re: Lennon Doesn't Like 'Hype'

Posted by **JSL** on Jun 29, 2017 at 4:33:28 AM:
In Reply to: Re: Lennon Doesn't Like 'Hype' posted by **Beatles Fan Robert** on Jun 27, 2017 at 2:27:48 PM:

******Alright it's make believe time. So John is still alive & makes a few comments about the "new Pepper". Ehile it's o.k Lennon went on to reiterate that it's not even his favorite album. " but it's on the charts so I guess it was better than I think of it."
***** I could picture John saying "Ah the new remix is alright but you still haven't heard Pepper until you've heard it in mono."
***** If John had remained cynical I could see him suggesting that every Beatle album wasn't quite as good as it was made out to be.:) But in the last few years of his life he was becoming more pro Beatles again so I think he would've lightened up about The Beatles.
****I'm not sure that by the time he was in his 70's he would have given a damn, but that's just me. A better question is, was it at all necessary, and if it was, why the hell didn't they remix all the albums when releasing the so called definitive box set in 2009? Or was it all a cynical money grab to put more into the surviving member and widows (not to say the sons) coffers? Does anyone think that EMI/Apple could give a damn about what they are doing to the George Martin albums? They are historic relics as it is - I still wonder what sales will be like in the year 2050.
***One more thing while I am still in an ugly mood. Why no bonus tracks? Every other group has done it. Why do they have to be so you-know-what-damn holier than art thou? And who is really buying CDs anymore? Just go to your local Best Buy - there are so few left it is pitiful. It is all being streamed, and the fidelity of the music will be totally lost to iPod connected folks who use it as background noise. Give me a break!
** Well at least for the Pepper 50th Anniversary Edition there are bonus tracks. But I assume you mean why they didn't bother with any for the 2009 reissues.
*Pepper should and could have had bonus tracks, like Strawberry Fields and Penny Lane, which were supposed to be on it before Martin unwisely bowed to pressure and released them as a double A side single. They never issued an album with a hit record that was released prior to that included (up until Abbey Road, I think) since they wanted the fans to get the best value for their money. A far cry from how Apple Records is run today. The suits and bean counters took over long ago, ever since Allen Klein came aboard.

I always try and imagine where Strawberry Fields Forever and Penny Lane might've been placed on Sgt. Pepper. But I don't think that was ever thought about. George Martin just later on regretted that they weren't included. And I could see where he was coming from. I think they would've made Sgt. Pepper even more of a masterpiece.

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