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Re: Too Many Box Sets?

Posted by **JSL** on Jun 16, 2017 at 2:59:12 AM:
In Reply to: Re: Too Many Box Sets? posted by **Beatles Fan Robert** on Jun 14, 2017 at 2:16:38 PM:

****It's a confusing mess of box sets, versions of familiar albums. In short you have:
****The 1987 original CDs (if you can find them)
****The 2009 stereo remasters, enhanced with the mini videos
****The 2009 mono box set
****The two Capitol albums box sets (they stopped at Rubber Soul)
****The US albums box set (a rip off since all they did is cut and paste from the 2009 set, bastardizing those remaster tracks)
****And the overlapping compilations:
****Yellow Sub soundtrack
****Two Let It Bes (original and Naked)
****BBC 1 and 2
****The Anthologies (3 of them) and BBC sets were essential for Beatle maniacs
****So is the ordinary consumer going to spring for all of those?
****Certainly not!
****The pity is that the mono versions will probably become rare as less and less people, aside from fanatics, buy the very expense box set. I think originally it was supposed to be a limited release, so some thought good, I'm going to buy it as an investment, keep it in the shrink wrap and store it away. A pity, since they are the most faithful for the excellent production of the earlier albums up until Help!. And there are noticeable differences between the next batch of albums through the The Beatles (White Album).
****Of note is that Capitol stopped issuing the box sets, even though Pepper sounded different on the Capitol label than the EMI/parlaphone one, from what I understand. The MMT album was a Capitol Records creation, since all the Brits had was the EP. So they could very well have continued the series with Revolver, Pepper, MMT and Hey Jude but hey, that's just me.
****So help me it is a confusing mess, and they should standardize them. Maybe phase out the awful stereo versions of Please Please Me through Beatles for Sale, which sound like trash. And the first batch could and should have had stereo and mono versions on one CD. That's one thing the Capitol versions did (and the US box set of late).
****Help me out - I would like to know what the rest of you think . And feel free to lambaste me for my blasphemy - god help me if the bean counters at Apple Records find out that they have been ripping off Beatles fans for decades!
***I neglected to mention the Frankenstein horror that is Love. What the hell were they thinking? Trash!
** Well Love was essentially the soundtrack to a show. I guess at some point Apple/EMI were bound to take the same route that was taken with the likes of The Beach Boys, Elvis, and many others in terms of various reissues and compilation albums.
** I do agree that it's a shame that many will never hear the mono mixes of the albums since The Beatles did consider those to be the definitive album mixes at least until they started taking stereo more seriously around the time of the White Album. The mono albums were available on YouTube for quite some time but there apparently has been a crackdown by their label since only officially released Beatle videos seem to remain.
** Over time I do think the whole catalogue will be reissued once again with remixes done by Giles Martin. With the remixed Beatles 1 and Sgt. Pepper he said he did use the mono mixes as his source and converted them to stereo. But unlike last time I think they will wait until there is some sort of anniversary when they put out a remixed version. There are at least rumors that a remixed White Album will be out late next year for the album's 50th Anniversary.
** And the odd thing is Let it Be has still not seen any official Blu Ray/DVD release. I don't know if it's true but I did read a few times that the Harrison estate is holding it up because George did not like the film and did not want it to see the light of day again. Maybe that's true and maybe it isn't. But the way things are going maybe Apple is waiting for 2020 which will mark the 50th Anniversary of Let It Be. And to get the film you'll have to buy a big box set that includes a remixed album and several discs of outtakes.
*And the surviving Beatles and the widows will rake it in, as usual. What a crass marketing move. First the accolades in 2009 that this was the be and end all. And a short eight years later they being to remix, when that same technology was available then. Plus the separation of stereo and mono into individual box sets. It's marketing, of course, but they could just have easily have sold one very big set, with Please Please Me through Rubber Soul (or maybe Revolver, I don't know if two of the the would fit on one CD) having both mono and stereo.
*Delete the US Album box set from the catalog. It is just an oddity. Keep the Capitol sets, which are move faithful to the bombastic mess that the US only releases were. It is a slice of history that sounds just like the vinyl, and after all, that is the only reason to have them in the first place. Release a 3rd box set with Revolver, MMT, Hey Jude and I guess Rarities. Or better yet, and more sensible from a marketing and collectible view point, combine all the 12 CDs into one box set. Hollywood Bowl sucks, so keep it separate for the fanatic fans who just must have it. Delete the Yellow Sub song-track all together, since if they remix all the catalog it will just be more duplication, which the group never did when they were all alive and kicking in the 60's. Delete the horrible Love, which is, pardon the word, dreck. I could go on and get the idea. Stop ripping off the fans! Aging baby boomers need to keep their cash for prescription medicine and stair lifts!

With the possible exception of the White Album, they could've easily put the stereo and mono versions on the same disc for the 2009 reissues. Although Sgt. Pepper is almost 40 minutes in running time so maybe that would've been tough too.

The big complaint about the U.S. album set is unlike the Capitol album reissues they were not the mixes U.S. fans heard in the 60s. The only thing they still included were a few different takes that made it onto the U.S. albums. One example was the mess up at the beginning of I'm Looking Through You on the stereo version of the U.S. Rubber Soul.

Apple officially released a lot of rarities with the Anthology set. But supposedly there are still some things left in the vaults. I wouldn't be totally shocked if at some point we get reissued/remastered versions of the Beatles Anthology albums that come with bonus tracks of more rarities.

At the end of the day it is a business. And I'm sure even after Paul and Ringo are long gone the record executives will still be looking for more ways to make money off of The Beatles catalogue.

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